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Sales Leadership Growth Series

Sales Management Training and Development

We empower revenue generating leaders and managers to transform their skills and strategies that drive results.

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Grow your business. Grow your people. Grow yourself.

The Sales Leadership Growth Series empowers sales leaders with the skills, tools, and a common language to control the sales process. The program challenges participants to apply the strategies and tactics in real coaching sessions, on real deals, ensuring real results.

Sales leadership is not about managing salespeople; it's about building a framework for productive behavior.

If you want better results and better sales teams, invest in better leaders.

Investing in sales leader growth is one of the most impactful organizational investments. Unfortunately, in many companies, sales managers receive little or no training before taking the job.

  • 67.5% of sales leaders don't have experience leading remote teams*
  • 40% of sales leaders do not have the necessary skills to train and coach their teams on all aspects of pipeline management*
  • 43% of sales leaders do not receive effective training for their role*
  • 1/3 of the managers leave their job within the first 3 years*

Download the 2024-2025 Sales Leadership Growth Series Catalog HERE.

Is your organization ...

  • Experiencing a talent gap in leadership due to high growth or high turnover?
  • Hitting a sales plateau and struggling to hit revenue targets for growth?
  • Concerned about consistency in management across teams?
  • Looking to invest in training and performance of emerging sales managers?

*Lead from the Front in Challenging Times, Sandler Research Center, 2021

3 Learning Paths for a Comprehensive Growth Plan

Embrace Your Role & Style

  • Coach to Success
  • Building an Operating Framework
  • Strategic Coaching

Attract & Manage Talent

  • Navigating Candidate Identification and Interviewing
  • Securing the Best Candidate
  • Onboarding for Productivity and Retention

Manage Sales Performance

  • Coaching Client Meetings
  • Coaching Deal Advancement
  • Coaching Pipeline Optimization

Sales Leadership 2024-2025 Class Schedule

Leadership development training workshops are typically held on the third Tuesday of the month from 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm ET. 

  • January 2024 
    Coach to Success - Instructor Led Training
  • February 2024
    Coach to Success – Coach Clinic
  • March 2024
    Building an Operating Framework - Instructor Led Training
  • April 2024
    Building an Operating Framework – Coach Clinic
  • May 2024
    Strategic Coaching - Instructor Led Training
  • June 2024
    Strategic Coaching – Coach Clinic
  • July 2024
    Navigating Candidate Identification and Interviewing - Instructor Led Training
  • August 2024
    Navigating Candidate Identification and Interviewing – Coach Clinic
  • September 2024
    Securing the Best Candidate - Instructor Led Training
  • October 2024
    Securing the Best Candidate – Coach Clinic
  • November 2024
    Onboarding for Productivity and Retention - Instructor Led Training
  • December 2024
    Onboarding for Productivity and Retention – Coach Clinic
  • January 2025
    Coaching Client Meetings - Instructor Led Training
  • February 2025
    Coaching Client Meetings – Coach Clinic
  • March 2025
    Coaching Deal Advancement - Instructor Led Training
  • April 2025
    Coaching Deal Advancement – Coach Clinic
  • May 2025
    Coaching Pipeline Optimization - Instructor Led Training
  • June 2025
    Coaching Pipeline Optimization – Coach Clinic
Why Sandler
  • The Proven Sandler
    Selling System
    50K+ businesses and professionals have found success
  • Unlocking Potential
    Through B-A-T

    Comprehensive approach to behaviors, attitudes, and techniques

  • Post-Training
    Continuous reinforcement to develop long-term success

Sales Leadership Session Descriptions

While this series draws on the basic principles from the Sandler Selling System® Methodology, it is truly focused on Sales Leaders development and can be used alongside any preferred Sales Methodology to drive results.

Coach to Success - Instructor Led Training 

Coach to Success will support you in your development as a sales leader within the area that is, potentially, the single highest-impact element of your role: sales coaching.

Successful coaching takes time, preparation, and practice to be effective. The Coach to Success course will provide you with an awareness of what it takes to have successful coaching conversations and a model that you can follow and customize to the individual needs of the salesperson and coaching situation.

Using a proven approach, you will prepare for and deliver effective coaching conversations that provide improved sales performance and results.

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