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Offices in Akron & Columbus, OH and Jacksonville, FL
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Our Akron & Columbus, OH and Jacksonville, FL Team

  • Mike Jones

    Mike developed an interest in the Sales and Management training business when he realized the need for people to get out of their own way in order to over-achieve.

    His favorite part of working as an advisor to organizations and individuals is in helping them to discover their true potential and value by eliminating their ‘head trash’ and self-imposed limitations. This allows him to work with a variety of companies; to abolish average and instigate opportunities and develop innovative solutions for clients and create lasting and sustainable change.

    Mike's strengths of real-life business sense and ‘tell it like it is’ advice have earned him a reputation that many would envy. His specialties include:

    • Executing a Selling System
    • Implementing Sales Accountability Programs
    • Effective Prospecting Strategies
    • Leadership Development
    • Creating Sustainable Sale's Culture Change

    Mike earned his B.A. in Psychology from Villanova University in Philadelphia. Despite his busy career as a Sales Management and Leadership advisor, Mike makes time to be involved with community and professional organizations. He also volunteers his time at Crossroads Community Church in Wadsworth. Mike has three children, Arianna, Alex, and Braedon and lives in Wadsworth, Ohio with his wife Rachel and their two pugs, Lou, and Nala.

  • Mandy Caruso

    Mandy's journey to The Ruby Group began by chance seventeen years ago, but her dedication and passion for fostering success have made her an integral part of our team ever since. As Chief Operations Officer, Mandy thrives on cultivating a supportive environment where both our team and clients are encouraged to dream big and achieve their goals.

    Mandy is the linchpin that binds our organization together. Her impact spans client management, operational excellence, and seamless event coordination, ensuring her touch enhances and refines every aspect of our work. Her infectious positivity uplifts our workplace, and her tireless commitment benefits our staff and clientele.

    With a BA in Social Work from the University of Akron, Mandy brings a unique perspective to her role, rooted in a drive to empower others. Outside of work, she cherishes moments with her husband, Joe, and daughter Ainsley. Weekends find her indulging in baking, exploring new places, hiking, and paddle boarding, all while enjoying precious time with family and friends.

  • Ken Guest

    Ken Guest has been involved in the Sandler Selling System since 1998. Prior to being the Chief Revenue Officer at The Ruby Group, Ken was a dedicated client of 13-years during his time in the manufacturing and financial sectors, where he led sales and owned his own business. Ultimately, he sold the business to join The Ruby Group team in 2011.

    His favorite part of working as a trainer/coach for The Ruby Group is the satisfaction of seeing companies improve and reach their goals as a result of working with him and using the Sandler Training methods. Ken prides himself on not just being a sales trainer for his clients but immersing himself in many areas of the business to allow him to provide sound business advice in different areas. Those areas could include personnel, compensation, structure, strategy, and sales development efforts. While Ken does not consider himself to be motivational, improved performance and job satisfaction tend to create continued motivation in his clients, and he enjoys the benefit of seeing this.

    Ken is one of the top producers in the Sandler network. He is currently the Chief Revenue Officer at Sandler Training by The Ruby Group and a two-time author, co-authoring “Selling in Manufacturing & Logistics” and “Digital Prospecting” with Mike Jones.

    Ken's enthusiasm, infectious positive attitude, and excellent communication skills have earned him a reputation that many would envy. Ken's specialties include:

    • Delivering customized Sandler sales, management, and leadership training
    • Creating the culture of accountability in organizations
    • Training and coaching teams of business development professionals
    • Leveraging the power of social media to prospect
    • Teaching time management skills for executives & sales professionals

    Ken earned his B.S. in Business Finance from the University of Akron in 1995. He first worked with Merlin Manufacturing as an Account Executive before becoming the Senior Vice President of Sales. Here, he learned the methodology of Sandler Training and became a student of the psychological approach to sales and leadership. Despite his busy career as a sales trainer and coach, Ken makes time to be involved with community and professional organizations. He is on the Board of Directors and the Chairperson of the Deacons at First Christian Church in Medina, Ohio. He also was a past member of both the Medina and Greater Akron Chambers of Commerce.

    Ken lives in Medina with his wife Meg and their two children, William and Mackenzie. When Ken is not working, he likes to golf, travel, and spend time with family and friends.

  • Jason Reynolds

    Jason was born and raised in Ohio and has lived in cities across the state including Canton, Wooster, Youngstown, Akron, Columbus, and Dayton.

    Jason is a sales and operations leader, highly experienced in running small and large front-end teams. Jason developed an interest in sales training and executive coaching when he was a student of the Sandler System. He credits the system with helping him achieve record individual contributor results in his previous industry and how to manage and lead his teams more effectively. As a trainer/coach for The Ruby Group, he is constantly inspired by those who have invested their time and effort into training and watching them grow and succeed in their roles.

    Jason’s previous sales and operations career experience is based in the Logistics and Transportation industries with roles from Vice President of Sales, Operations, Business Development, and COO of both large and small revenue companies.

    His specialties include:

    Delivering Sandler Sales Training
    Financial Budget Planning
    DISC training
    Sales Leadership and Management of Teams
    New Business Development
    Jason strives to help companies and firms grow their sales revenues, and help them streamline inefficient front end processes that weight them down their financial cash flow.

    In his spare time, he is an avid Crossfitter, Skier, Golfer, Car Enthusiast, and enjoys spending time with his family.

  • Jordan Mullet

    Jordan joined The Ruby Group over 10 years ago after several years of being a client. His passion for helping business owners bring clarity and accountability to their teams aligns perfectly with The Ruby Group's core values and vision: "Instigate Opportunities and Abolish Average."

    Jordan helps CEOs and sales leaders identify and overcome obstacles that hold their teams back by focusing on attitude, behavior, and technique. He collaborates with sales leaders to enhance their coaching abilities, utilize performetrics for self-accountability, and develop comprehensive success plans.

    The ultimate goal is growing revenue, achieved through:
    Gaining New Business: Implementing strategies to attract and secure new clients.
    Managing Existing Business: Optimizing account management to maximize revenue.

    Results-Driven Success:

    • Proven Sales System: A CEO was concerned about the difficulty in making new salespeople successful. Jordan helped establish a proven sales system that enabled new hires to achieve over a million dollars in sales within 6-9 months. This allowed the company to hire industry-savvy individuals without sales experience, setting them apart from competitors.
    • Sales Transformation: A direct-to-consumer company was struggling to hit sales goals. The CEO was worried about inconsistent performance and lack of growth. Jordan implemented a new tactical management program that included self-accountability plans, one-on-one coaching, structured sales meetings, and detailed reporting. As a result, the company achieved more consistent sales results and fostered a growth-oriented culture within the sales team.
    • Empowering Sales Teams: A CEO tried several methods to manage his sales team but couldn't successfully grow salespeople. He was the only one driving new business and couldn't step away to focus on other areas. Jordan implemented the Sandler sales system, providing a detailed methodology that helped the team understand each step to meet and win new opportunities. This enabled the CEO to focus on other critical areas of the business while ensuring the sales team could drive new business independently.
    • Account Management Improvement: A CEO was frustrated that accounts were going out the back door, the team was not hunting for new accounts, and business was not growing in accounts with more opportunity. Jordan worked with the sales team to build proven systems such as better communication, quarterly business reviews, and weekly updates. This improved account retention, increased new account acquisition, and maximized growth opportunities within existing accounts.

    With extensive experience in sales management, team building, and strategic planning, Jordan is a trusted advisor for CEOs aiming to elevate their sales operations.

    Despite his busy career, Jordan enjoys learning, reading, and spending time with his family. He and his wife, Sarah, have a son, Elliot, and a daughter, Sophie.

  • Steve Weyl

    Before becoming a Sandler trainer, Steve started as a student of Sandler Training in 1998 when he adopted Sandler Training as the selling foundation for his own company, ABLE Roofing. ABLE grew to 19 locations becoming the largest residential roofing company in the United States and the 4th largest residential/commercial roofing company (ref. Roofing Contractor Magazine Top 100) with over $105MM in annual sales.

    Steve eventually sold ABLE and now trains and coaches companies in both B2B & B2C spaces throughout the United States.

    Steve’s client list is extensive and includes the following industries: Insurance, Manufacturing, Accounting, Engineering, Home Improvement, IT, Wealth Management, Banking, Distribution, Non-Profit, Automotive, Retail, Legal, Inventory, Business Services, Real Estate, Construction, Advertising, Wholesale.

    Steve's areas of expertise include:

    • Delivering Customized Sandler Sales Training
    • Executive Sales & Marketing Coaching
    • DISC Training
    • Sales Management
    • Team Building
    • New Business Development

    Steve earned his Bachelor's Degree, Business Administration, and Management, Franklin University

  • Pat McManamon

    Pat has trained, assessed, and consulted with salespeople, sales managers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and the C-Suites of major organizations in the medical, financial, insurance, construction, and technology industries. To date, he has trained nearly 12,000 salespeople with diverse backgrounds and experience levels. Pat received a Trainer of Excellence Award from the University of North Florida and has been recognized by Certified Sales and Marketing International (an ISO 9002 company) as achieving The Certification in Sales designation.

    Prior to bringing Sandler Training to the North Florida area, Pat spent 18 years with Fortune 500 Company CSX as Director of International Sales, with a nationwide sales force. He was responsible for 62% of the company’s revenue, which translated into $136 million annually. Pat’s belief in ongoing professional development is the principle reason he ventured out on his own, to share his experience and knowledge of the behaviors, attitudes, and techniques needed for sales success and organizational excellence.

    Pat has an undergraduate degree from Xavier University. He also studied Finance for Non-Financial Managers, Pricing, and Marketing Methodology at the University of Michigan and the University of Chicago. He has been married to Michele since 1989 and is the proud father of two.

    Pat is an active member of The Redeemer Church, serves as a committee Vice Chairman Membership for the Gator Bowl, sits on the Advisory Board for United Community Bank, Jacksonville Chamber Board of Governors, board member of Lifework Leadership and is currently President of Perimeter Park Office Association.

  • Tom Thon

    Tom is a senior-level sales and operations leader, highly experienced in leading field-based sales professionals with his leadership skills in accountability and integrity—his two favorite words in sales and life! He is a nine-year veteran with Sandler and The Ruby Group.

    Tom's selling and sales management career are based in the Radio and Outdoor media industries. (Roles ranged from Account Executive to Sales Manager to GM to Senior VP) In both businesses, Prospecting, Salesforce Development, and Negotiation Techniques were all vital elements to efficient business unit operations -- and stand today as equal vital elements to Sandler Training which is designed to shorten the sales cycle.

    Tom coaches and trains on how to get to the truth with Prospects. And if the “truth” is a “No”, let’s get there sooner than later!!

  • Robert Grant Perry

    Robert has over 20 years of sales success stemming from time spent in the medical, professional sports, and construction management industries. Nationally recognized for exceeding sales goals, his professional focal points include business development, leadership training, strategic planning, cross-functional team leadership, complex problem solving, marketing, and data analytics.

    Robert is passionate about working with sales teams to implement better goal setting and accountability which will change an organization’s attitudes and beliefs about its sales process.

    He holds an MBA from Kent State University and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Washington and Jefferson College. Currently, he sits on the Boards of Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED) Foundation and The Ohio Foundation of Independent Colleges (OFIC). He tutors students at the Helen Arnold School in Akron, OH.

    Formerly, he was active on the Boards of The Lillian and Betty Ratner School, North Coast Community Homes, Akron Roundtable, American Cancer Society, American Heart Association. He has Chaired the Summa Health Foundation Golf Outing, been a member of the Board of Visitors at Western Reserve Academy, and a Student Trustee at Western Reserve Academy.

  • Matt Rocco

    Matt Rocco developed a strong work ethic while working in his parents' Florida ice cream franchise starting at the age of 12. Observing many aspects of running a successful business, Matt learned valuable lessons that would shape his career. At 16, under his mom's careful direction, he became a store manager while finishing high school, laying the foundation for his future endeavors.

    For the past 18 years, Matt has held various roles including account management, co-ownership, and director of sales positions for multiple leading businesses. He has been fascinated by understanding the customer journey and its impact on revenue growth. One of Matt’s top priorities is to deliver massive value and serve his clients and colleagues at the highest level.

    Matt’s journey has been marked by his ability to foster advanced communication techniques, accountability in behavior changes, and the attitude shifts necessary for sales and leadership growth. He believes in encouraging conversations that lead others to believe in themselves and strives to help people let go of limiting beliefs that hinder their success. His philosophy is to become self-aware, achieve personal goals, and then assist others in doing the same.

    Currently, Matt leads businesses through Sandler Training, where he is passionate about helping clients succeed in their endeavors. He uses his platform to share innovative ideas, methods, and approaches while channeling his passion for business development, coaching, and mentoring. His comprehensive programs equip teams with the skills to grow both in revenue and self-awareness.

    In his personal life, Matt enjoys spending time with his wife and their three beautiful daughters, ages 19, 14, and 9. He coaches his youngest daughter's volleyball team, instilling teamwork and sportsmanship, and mentors high school boys as a basketball coach. As a dedicated dad, he enjoys cheering on his daughters at their various activities, always making the most of their time together.

  • Doug Whittington

    Doug joined the Ruby Group following a successful career in sales leadership within the transportation industry. Having been a Sandler client himself, he witnessed firsthand the transformative power of the selling system, particularly its accountability tools and managerial processes. Doug's experience allows him to bring enthusiasm and authenticity to the training and development programs.

    Doug graduated from East Carolina University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science. He completed additional education through programs at the Center for Creative Leadership, Mahler Leadership Company, and Harvard Corporate Leadership Training. His expertise in the Sandler Sales Training process includes successfully implementing it as an international developmental solution for his former Fortune 500 company, where he led a national sales team through the program.

    Outside of work, Doug remains actively engaged in his community. He co-chairs the Akron Canton Regional Foodbank's annual Taste of the Pro Football Hall of Fame event, holds positions as Board member and Trustee Chair for the First Christian Church of Medina, and supports charitable initiatives at the United Way of Summit & Medina Counties.

    Doug and his wife, Barrie, celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary this year. They are proud parents of Mallie and David, both completing their college education and embarking on professional careers. They reside in Medina, Ohio, where they enjoy traveling, golfing, outdoor activities, and cherished moments with family and friends.

  • Lisa Carmichael

    Lisa is a high-spirited, resourceful, and driven professional committed to providing an informative and exciting experience for our clients. Lisa is customer-service driven to her core and is determined to leave each client better than she met them. She attended Kent State Stark majoring in Art Education, but ultimately found herself in niche’ roles throughout the construction industry for the better part of her career. Lisa’s ability to think big picture while staying client-focused allows her to support her team and our clients in a unique way.

    When not at work, Lisa loves adventuring with her family, friends and 2 dogs. She is incredibly grateful for her community and enjoys anything on the water, being outdoors, and dabbling in photography.

  • Laura McEndree

    Laura is a dedicated professional committed to ensuring clients have a seamless and effective training experience. With a background in leadership and organization, she brings a unique perspective to her role, enhancing the efficiency of workshops and the overall training experience. Laura has a talent for creating a welcoming atmosphere and a passion for helping teams grow.

    Outside of work, Laura cherishes the time spent with her husband and daughters, who bring joy and adventure to her life. Baking, art, hobby farming, and the simple pleasures of rural life on her family's farm provide a unique balance to her career. Laura is thrilled to be part of the Sandler team, contributing to the success of our clients.

  • Derek Moran

    Derek brings a wealth of experience and proficiency in office coordination to our team at The Ruby Group. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to efficiency, Derek plays a pivotal role in maintaining seamless operations and providing essential support across various functions.

    As our Office Coordinator, Derek oversees day-to-day accounting tasks, ensures the smooth functioning of facilities, and delivers top-notch account management support. His proficiency in technology, including Sandler Online, Microsoft Office, and Zoom, empowers him to navigate digital platforms with ease. Derek excels in leveraging technology to enhance team collaboration and productivity.

    Derek thrives in dynamic environments that demand multitasking and constant communication. His ability to manage concurrent projects, from daily tasks to long-term initiatives, showcases his dedication to maintaining high standards of efficiency and effectiveness. Derek is adept at resource scheduling, process improvement, status reporting, and project management, essential skills that contribute significantly to optimizing the working environment for our team and the training environment for our clients.

    Beyond technical skills, Derek embodies outstanding soft skills essential for effective teamwork and leadership. His excellent communication, resourceful problem-solving abilities, and adaptability underscore his role as a valuable asset to our team.

    Derek lives in Cuyahoga Falls with his Fiance and their dog Nova. In his free time he enjoys playing disc golf and hiking outdoors.

    With Derek on board, The Ruby Group benefits from a proactive Office Coordinator who not only manages operational intricacies but also fosters a collaborative and productive work environment.