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Our Braintree Team

  • Jeff Morganthaler
    Jeff has been acknowledged for his skills in sales process, sales management, new business development, solution selling, direct sales and sales partnerships. He is certified in five different selling methodologies.
  • Mike Trepanier
    In 2023, I embarked on an exciting new chapter in my career by joining Greg Nanigian & Associates, a prestigious Sandler Training affiliate. My journey to Sandler was inspired by a family member whose remarkable experiences and success stories with the organization deeply resonated with me. This ignited my desire to explore the world-class sales methodologies that Sandler is renowned for.
  • Flo Rubbo
    Flo Rubbo performs Accounting/Bookkeeping at Greg Nanigian & Associates since 2005.
  • Jim Voymas
    Jim graduated from Boston University in 2001 in Web Design. He was Sandler trained by and has worked with Greg Nanigian & Associates for 16 years. He supports the digital marketing efforts of GNA. Jim performs website maintenance and other technical duties around the office. He sets up and trains clients how to get the most out of the Sandler Online portal.
  • Greg Nanigian
    "Greg Nanigian is an award-winning Sandler trainer, author, coach, and speaker. He’s facilitated training programs all over the world and continues to do so now virtually. He has published over sixty articles on Greg has authored the book “Why People Buy"" published by Sandler Training. Sandler Training is the leading sales and sales management development firm. Harvard Business School has partnered with Sandler Training to incorporate the Sandler Methodology into their curriculum."