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Sandler Training (Southern Counties) Testimonials

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  • I've been working with Paul for about a year now. His teaching of the Sandler system has been nothing less than transformative for our business. We've saved a ton of time which was previously wasted on writing glossy proposals and chasing prospects. We're able to now create long term meaningful value-based partnerships with our clients. We were always focused on understanding clients' problems, but by applying the Sandler system we're able to do this at a far deeper level. The system starts off feeling counter-intuitive, but it becomes natural after a while - for both us and the prospect/client. We don't want to go back to where we were.
    - Barry Fisher, MD, Pivale
  • "We work with a limited number of large clients who know us well. The Sandler process works for us in getting clearer commitments in all our transactions. I attend the regular Sales Mastery sessions to strengthen my revenue acquisition skills and now Paul also works with the rest of our customer-facing team to help secure more work from our existing client base. None of us would count ourselves as "sales", but Paul's training helps us all sell better. If you are a business resource or consultancy, I would highly recommend finding out if he can help you too."
    - Benjamin Barrass, MD, Cascade Engineering
  • We have just gone over target for the 4th consecutive month. We use much less technical resources to acquire clients and far fewer quotes are going out. At the same time opportunities are closing at a higher rate and business is coming in faster. We now tend not to get involved with tenders and feel in control of the opportunities we do decide to go for. Sandler and Paul's training has made a significant difference.
    - Chris Pitt, Sales Director, Stemmer Imaging
  • "Like most accountants, before I met Paul, I hated selling. Now, I actually like it! We have won so many clients as a result of working with Paul that we have had to hire more staff. You are right to be cautious! This is not a "quick-fix", but if you are serious about growing your business, you should talk to him. I've already told him to send anyone who is doubtful to me."
    - David Munro, Munro & Partners
  • I cannot recommend Paul Glynn highly enough if you want your sales people to perform above expectation. As a client of his, I have seen this happen with my own eyes.
    - Francis West, CEO, Westtek
  • We have used the Sandler sales methodology for 15 months starting with a 2 day overview followed up by bi-monthly focus sessions to ensure that key lesson/topics are reinforced and embedded across the sales teams. Sandler has given us a common language to discuss sales pipeline, qualify opportunities in or out and to either lose quickly or win in the best available manner. Over the 15 month period we have halved our sales pipeline yet continued to grow sales revenue by 20% year on year. With less pipeline we have focused on really selling to those customers who will buy which enables us to continue to sell more. In recent months we have continued to rebuild our sales pipeline and we are now seeing a 30% increase in sales revenue over the last quarter, I expect this to continue to grow.
    - Kieran Brady, Sales Director, Gamma
  • "Paul has had quite an effect on my productivity and my pipeline of work and projects. He uses the system he teaches to great effect. Seeing him at work and practicing what he has taught me is changing my business future. After 17 years in business I have an understanding of sales - but having traditionally sought only a couple of new contracts a year - my new desire to increase my business needed a more focussed and professional approach to selling. With Paul's tuition I have been able to clarify my selling technique - without becoming a sales person. I have retained my consultant "identity" but increased my success rate. The best part is that whilst I am benefitting from this - so are my clients. The clarity that comes from the method means that their needs are more closely defined and they are better able to recognise when their objectives have been met."
    - Richard Knight, MD, Elseandor
  • Working with Paul has made a big impact. Before meeting him, I had been in business for a long time with limited sales training. I had always thought I could persuade using my technical expertise. Thanks to the Sandler process I have stopped giving away technical intellectual property, and customers are more engaged. So much seems counter-intuitive and I’m still learning. I was initially skeptical, and now I’m convinced that Paul’s coaching is invaluable. Paul has supported me professionally and I feel like I now have a mentor I can rely on to assist with any sales situation.
    - Simon Beveridge, MD, SIGA Vision Ltd