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Our Polska Team

  • Krzysztof Rzepkowski

    Humanist in business. A man of sales, negotiations, communication and building relationships. And at the same time a consultant and trainer who narrows people's funnels, breaks patterns and changes habits.

    Formerly an academic lecturer at the University of Warsaw, which he earned with a habilitation degree. He has been active in the real estate industry for over 10 years, working for many years as a real estate advisor and sales manager and trainer
    in a real estate office. Currently, President and member of the Management Board of Sandler Training Polska.

  • Michal Biernacki

    A graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. Professionally - manager, practitioner and sales enthusiast, focused on the goal.

    More than a dozen years of commercial experience in a corporate environment in the office, computer and conference products industry (OPI) at various managerial levels - from managerial to director. Member of restructuring projects, creator and reorganizer of distribution systems in several European countries.

    A character full of passion and dynamism.

  • Kamil Grzesikiewicz

    Experienced financial specialist, graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics, majoring in "Finance and Accounting".

    His professional experience began at Sandler Training Polska and STAP Institute. For nine years, he shaped the company's strategy, representing the company during negotiations and cooperation with business partners, i.e.: Stellantis, Mazda, Nissan, SsanyYong and Ford.

    Currently, he works at Sandler Training Polska, Improver and Blue Tank, where he is responsible for the company's financial strategy. He constantly develops his skills by participating in courses and training, such as the EY Controlling Academy or courses conducted by the Accounting Development Foundation. Outside of work, he is passionate about discussions and literature, and his greatest love is his wife and children, with whom he spends his free time.

  • Dariusz Milczarek

    Entrepreneur, business-oriented trainer, consultant and coach dealing with business consulting. He specializes in the broadly understood development of sales forces at the strategic and operational level.

    Associated with the training market since 1995. Co-founder and long-time shareholder of House of Skills. Since 2007, Managing Partner Sandler Training Polska (Master Franchisee Sandler Systems, Inc. in Central Europe).

    He conducts individual training and coaching sessions. It also prepares speakers for public speaking. Lecturer cooperating with the Warsaw School of Economics and the University of Warsaw, speaker at many conferences and discussion panels.

    Member of the Polish Association of Professional Speakers in Poland.

  • Lukasz Grabowski

    Sales manager with experience gained in international companies, including: from the FMCG, Automotive and luxury goods industries. His experience includes, among others: creating and implementing sales strategies, actively acquiring new customers, negotiating contracts with key customers, recruiting and training employees, implementing and enforcing sales plans. Thanks to his work in various industries, he perfectly understands the problems of today's sellers.

    In 2017, he conducted the largest number of training days at Sandler in Poland. Lukasz is currently a Partner and Associate at Sandler Training Polska and CEO of Improver.

  • Marcin Kwiatkowski

    A business practitioner with over 10 years of experience in the private medical care industry. During this time, he sold (KAM), managed and created sales departments (sales director, customer service director), created strategies, and was responsible for finance (financial director), investments and development of these companies (operating director).

    When working with clients, one criterion is most important to him - the development program should translate into a specific, specific change. When working with clients, he focuses on various areas - increasing sales, increasing margins, increasing market share, introducing new products and services to the market. As part of the projects he has been working on, he has been working on sales and managerial competences, building sales and management standards, implementing CRM, and creating sales strategies.

  • Lukasz Pawul

    Multi trainer and consultant. Certified business trainer at master's level, certified management coach, mediator, entrepreneur. An effective trainer who is knowledgeable in both direct and remote sales.

    In his over twenty years of career, Lukasz has built and developed sales teams, supported managers and created sales support structures and strategies.

    Lukasz adheres to the principle that "there is no development in the comfort zone and (often) no comfort in the development zone." He gets the greatest satisfaction when people overcome internal blockages and reach a higher level, previously unattainable for them.

  • Mariusz Rachlewicz

    For over 10 years, he gained business experience as a sales director and distribution director. For the next 10 years, he was a Project Manager and trainer implementing development projects for clients from many industries.

    He is a practicing salesman and shared his knowledge as a guest speaker at the WSB MBA studies in Wroclaw and as a lecturer at postgraduate studies at the University of Szczecin. On a daily basis, he advises on how to sell smarter (instead of harder), teaches how to manage more efficiently and helps lead more effectively.

    In his free time, he creates games and unconventional development tools, and runs the blog "JA! Leader” and the videoblog “Management is simple”. Privately, he loves every form of sports activity. And as a fan and participant of team sports, he often uses sports analogies in his consulting work.

  • Grzegorz Chojnacki

    Sales and management man. Practitioner. He has been selling for a quarter of a century, and for 17 years - additionally - he has been helping others do it effectively. About myself: “I know that for my clients the most important criterion is the result. When we sit down to start a project, we start with my favorite formula from "business mathematics": Result = strategy x activity x quality x tools. Attention! It is a product, not a sum, with all its implications. I help my clients by working on all four parts of the equation.”

    He specializes in building sales processes that enable maximum perception of the value of the offer (ROI) in the eyes of the recipient and in providing appropriate competences at all levels of the Sales Department - from Telemarketer to Head of Sales - so that this process "lives" and brings results.

  • Jan Grzesikiewicz

    Salesperson – practitioner, hunter, manager, sales trainer, consultant with many years of experience in sales management, sales and gamification. An eternal hunter hungry for adrenaline. Co-creator of Sales Pistols, Improver and Challenger tools for implementing knowledge and changing habits using gamification mechanisms. Associated with the Sandler methodology for 11 years.

    He specializes in diagnosing problems for his clients in the area of ??developing the competences of their employees. During his professional career, he managed a sales team, among others: in the insurance, telecommunications and consulting industries, which allows him to conduct an expert and multi-aspect analysis of the clients' condition and their potential.

  • Hanna Adamska

    Business trainer, psychologist, psycho-oncologist. He has been implementing business and training projects for 10 years.

    In his work, he focuses on effect. It is very important for her that participants receive specific tools and methods to use in their work. He also conducts individual coaching sessions. He specializes in topics related to sales and customer service (based on building mutually beneficial relationships), management and creativity.

    In training, he uses adult learning methodology, creative techniques and following participants. What he values most in the room is the opportunity to exchange experiences, knowledge and the individualism of the participants.

  • Michal Bukowski

    Business consultant, coach and trainer, active on the Polish market for fifteen years. Implementer of many consulting and training projects, specializing in designing and implementing changes in leadership culture and improving the effectiveness of sales and customer service departments. Certified consultant for JTI and Extended DISC personality type research, as well as Barrett Values ??Center (organizational culture research).

    For seven years he has been researching and developing the principles of improvisation, wrongly understood as something random and unpredictable. The experience gained in the field of these experiments and exercises is transferred to training and development programs.

    He is the co-creator of the Mentoring Theater category in Poland.

  • Arkadiusz Glen

    In his opinion, the professions of a trader, intermediary, consultant and seller still evoke negative associations in our country. His mission is to show and teach people a different approach to sales. One in which the salesperson will feel more at ease, work more effectively and earn much more. And the customer will finally feel that the seller does not have to be an intruder, a necessary evil, but a reliable partner who brings him value and multidimensional benefits.

    The end result of the Sandler methodology is the effective building of long-term, strong business relationships and painless filling of sales funnels. This can be achieved using both proven psychological and didactic tools, as well as modern forms of implementation that bring lasting changes.

  • Arkadiusz Kaczmarek

    Trainer, trainer, manager with several years of experience. He has always been associated with the sales force in the field of recruitment and implementation. An entrepreneur by nature, always active in sales. He is driven by the success and joy of the people he has had the pleasure of training. He is addicted to speaking, so the training room is a place where he feels like a fish out of water.

  • Mariusz Lysy

    Trainer, trainer, manager with twenty years of experience in the insurance industry. In the years 2004-2007, co-creator of development projects in the field of family financial plans and systems supporting the work of insurance intermediaries.

    Although he has an impatient soul, in life he follows the principle: Eat with a small spoon, but for a long time.

  • Michal Wleklik

    Manager, sales team leader, trainer, trainer and consultant at Sandler Training Polska, active in sales for 15 years. A graduate of the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science at the University of Warsaw, a fan of Spanish culture, where he studied at the Autonóma University in Madrid.

    He completed the Total Selling course for sales directors at the ICAN Institute and the Sandler Training Polska Sales Management Academy. Manager of various sales teams in the real estate industry for over 11 years, including 6 years as a sales director.

    The greatest energy for action comes from the successes of the people he works with, especially when they result from breaking established patterns and their own limitations. He follows the philosophy of leading by example.

  • Joanna Domagalska

    Salesperson – practitioner, manager, sales trainer, consultant with many years of experience in sales management and recruitment in the financial and food industries. During the training, he tries to make people see their own potential. Likes to focus on solutions instead of problems.

  • Rafal Lipka

    It supports entrepreneurs and sales forces in building sales strategies and processes. Focuses on developing negotiation skills and increasing results. It shows that the transformation of sales towards a partnership relationship in which both parties respect each other is absolutely possible. In practice, he uses the psychological concept of Transactional Analysis.

    Since 2015, he has been the owner of the partner company Orange Polska. He built the structure of the company from scratch, which employs over 50 sales representatives. He has 11 years of experience in management and team building.

    He gained experience during negotiations and cooperation, among others. with Facebook Polska, Groupon, Pernod Ricard Polska, Samsung, Apple, Orange Polska. Successfully implements a system for managing and supporting teams in organizations.

  • Monika Kaminska

    Manager with experience in international companies in the area of ??sales, marketing and communication. Psychologist, psychotherapist, business trainer and Extended Tools consultant. In his work, he effectively combines sales skills with a deep understanding of the psychology of communication. Business experience builds lasting business relationships based on partnership and respect for both sides of the dialogue. During her career, she has trained many teams in the FMCG, automotive, construction, catering and many other industries.

    He also conducts individual coaching sessions. He specializes in topics related to relationships, setting goals, planning and the areas of competence of a manager and leader. At the same time, in his business activities, he cares about psychoeducation in business, inclusive communication in the organization, and the principles and well-being of neurodivergent people at work.

  • Kamila Pietka

    Trainer and business trainer with many years of experience.

    In his work, he focuses on professionalism and setting high goals. He feels like a fish out of water in the training room and greatly appreciates the opportunity to exchange experiences, knowledge and the diversity of participants.
    When conducting training, it is important for her that participants receive specific tools and methods to use in their work. It has to be specific and effective, without unnecessary "pit-pit".

    Her favorite topics are those related to sales and customer service (based on building long-term relationships), management and creativity. He loves working with difficult clients. He assumes that there is no such thing as leaving the comfort zone, you can only expand it.

  • Katarzyna Wawrzynska

    Business and sales trainer. A graduate of the Palacký University in Olomouc, where she obtained a master's degree in bohemian studies. She also graduated from the School of Business Trainers at the Leon Kozminski Academy, which enabled her to gain solid foundations in the field of personal and business development.

    In his work, he puts emphasis on creating effective solutions for salespeople and managers. Her clients are primarily organizations that want to build lasting business relationships, improve their effectiveness in acquiring new customers, better qualify potential leads and effectively deal with sales challenges.

    It constantly expands its horizons to provide the latest and innovative solutions for the evolving world of sales. It is crucial not only to transfer knowledge, but also to inspire changes and improvement of qualifications.