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Our Boston Team

  • Eric Warner

    Eric Warner is an award-winning sales trainer, leadership development specialist and accomplished sales process strategist.Eric graduated from The University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and also holds an MBA from Northeastern University. He started his career at AT&T, where he offered voice and data networking services to mid-sized companies in Boston. He worked at Thomson Reuters for 16 years, selling enterprise software solutions and holding positions such as SVP of global sales and managing director of North American sales. He also managed departments including North American Investor Relations and Public Relations.

    Eric founded Praxis Growth Advisors in 2013 to serve businesses in greater Boston and beyond. Praxis has enjoyed steady growth as clients from the fields of financial services, insurance, enterprise software, technology, telecommunication, energy efficiency, cyber security, medical devices, real estate, nursing and hospice care plus many professional services consulting practices have shared their positive experiences with others.

    Eric’s philosophy on selling is focused on moving people in the direction you want them to go and have them feel good about going there. As a result, much of his sales and leadership training can be applied to many aspects of his client’s business interactions and even their personal lives.