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  • Sandler is sales training on steroids! Whether you're new to sales, or have decades of industry experience, this is a must. Karl and team were ultra-informational and informative. This was a ton of fun, not some stuffy conference room training, Sandler makes you want to be better! 10/10 recommend for any sales professional.
    - Addison Popple
  • "This has been the best sales training I have ever had in my life.. early on in the training Karl mentioned what he referred to as "red letter days". The two days in training were precisely that for me. I feel a new outlook on how I can own my life and accomplish exactly what it is I am meant to. -Anna"
    - Anna K.
  • Sandler Sales Training gives you a way to sell using all the core pillars in life - spiritual, emotional, mental, etc. I like how it turns the traditional model of selling upside down on its head. And Karl does an excellent job of presenting that keeps you engaged.
    - Dan Matuella
  • Karl's incredible experience, depth of insight, and desire to coach others to great success is empowering. I admire his character and willingness to go beyond sales techniques and behaviors and address the importance of faith. His training has the potential to transform much more than sales numbers. Karl practices what he teaches and sincerely wants the best for everyone he trains.
    - Garth Hilton
  • Karl Schaphorst is an outstanding sales trainer. I have worked with him over the past several years, and we saw our sales double over a three year period. I am now with a new organization, and am expecting the Sandler Process to have an even greater impact with our growth. Thanks Karl and Sandler!
    - James Kerschinske
  • Karl is very energetic, and creative in how he presents the Sandler selling techniques. This makes it easy for you to recognizes how your traditional strategies are not giving you the results you are looking to achieve. Great course, looking forward to applying strategies learned during the boot camp.
    - James Syme
  • "Any organization looking to take their sales division to the next level needs to work with Karl. He brings tools and techniques to the table which are easy to understand and implement. Sales revenues in our organization have more than doubled in the last year as a direct result of Sandler Training. Sales training is commitment. Karl brings passion, understanding and real-world examples into his classes. He is not a textbook trainer, he's the real deal!"
    - Jerry Teeter
  • This training was incredibly valuable! This disrupts the traditional sales techniques I’ve been taught for many years, and it is very refreshing! It is a very psychological approach and very much the way I approach sales calls. Thank you for a great training and looking forward to further development.
    - Jessica Spalding
  • Hands down the best sales training you'll ever get. Karl does a fantastic job and the concepts you learn will transcend across every relationship you have. It's not just about sales, it's about people and understanding what drives their behavior - and you're ability to influence it.
    - Laura Burford
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