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ScaleUp Advisors Inc. Testimonials

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  • I had transitioned from being in the lab as a medicinal chemist for over 15 years to my first sales job in July 2016. My first boss’ only words of training were “I hope good luck follows you”. Fast forward one year and I have a much more involved boss, who took the step of offering his staff training. I am very grateful that he chose Scott Bliss and the Sandler training program. I knew I had a general philosophy about selling, which mainly involved caring far less about the actual sale and far more about helping the customer, even if that means you’re not the one helping them. At least that means you and the customer can move on with your lives and not chase something that’s not there. The Sandler philosophy dovetails nicely with my own while putting more of a easy-to-understand system in place. (Of course using it takes practice over time). Scott spent a few days with us at our last national sales meeting and followed up with coaching moving forward. Maybe I took to it more than others, but I personally feel like I’ve learned a lot from Scott and will definitely use him for any more of my future coaching needs regarding any aspect of sales where I feel stuck. He has so much experience selling there is clearly much to learn from him.
    - Jason Parnes
  • "The best thing about Sandler is it helps establish "equal business stature" between your sales people and your clients. It creates a more balanced, efficient, and far more profitable relationship (for both parties). It just flat out works. The Sandler Submarine concept and Upfront Contract are both genius approaches, and they are just the tip of the iceberg. You don't even feel like you're "selling" anymore, as a Sandler trained professional, yet you close more business than you ever thought possible, no matter the season, the economy, the product, or the region. A single sale (depending on your business) will usually recoup the initial investment and, trust me, you will make many more than just one. I highly, highly recommend taking a closer look at their service."
    - Patrick Laing
  • "Sandler is a well known, world renowned sales training organization that's been around for many years. Rob and David are two "stand up" guys and it will serve you well to get to know them. If you have a sales team and want to get better results from your team, I highly recommend that you make it a point to have a conversation with them."
    - Stan Shields
  • Rob and Dave are AMAZING. You will not be disappointed by their wealth of knowledge. I would advise scheduling a meeting with them both to better understand how they can directly help! Their sales processes are proven and can only add value to an existing approach in targeting OKRs and sales deliverables!
    - Walter Carey