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  • Using the Sandler Selling System has caused me to rewire my thinking and had a very positive impact on both me and my company. This didn't come about immediately but thru lots of practice using Sandler Principals. Once I fully adopted the Sandler System and polished my delivery of it, my sales doubled in the first year. I've also learned that doing high-level sales is a continuing and ongoing process using the Principles set forth by David Sandler. There is no going back to the old ways of selling, only moving forward with what I've learned from Sandler!
    - Alec Boyce, Sr. Regional Sales Manager, Short Elliott Hendrickson
  • While I was never short of ambition or drive, success wasn't happening as quickly as I hoped. Seeking to improve my selling skills, I sought the help of Sandler Training. Using a defined, repeatable selling system allows me to maintain control over my sales process, save time, and stay on track. I am now able to recognize and duplicate successful behavior and eliminate unsuccessful behavior with specific action steps. By using the Sandler Selling System I have been able to achieve the success I wanted. In the first quarter of 2011, I sold more than I did in all of 2010. My goal in writing this is to offer inspiration to others hoping to get better sales results.
    - Andre Soissons
  • Sandler completely changed my idea of the sales industry. Being new to sales, I didn't realize how much coaching could help - I learned so much! Jeff showed me how knowledge, confidence, and a process can really change the whole game of selling! It's so much more fun and easy now.
    - Breanna Ritthaler, Global Retail & Customer Engagement Manager, Comply
  • Sandler Training was a great investment in my career as an insurance consultant. It provided me with great sales techniques but more importantly a great communication model. Sandler Training taught me to have a sales process and by having that sales process it has helped me close sales in one meeting rather than having multiple meetings before writing the business. Jeff Pankoff is a fantastic sales coach and was very willing to help me on an individual level as well as in the classroom. I would highly recommend Sandler Training and especially Jeff Pankoff to anyone that is in a sales career. Sandler Training is the best investment that I have made to improve myself as a sales person.
    - Brett Wuerflein, Agency Specialist, American Family Insurance
  • "I have been in the Sandler Sales program since 2003. I have been part of the Sales Management training for a little over a year. Jeff Pankoff has given me new tools to better run my business segment. Jeff spent a significant amount of time on developing an employee candidate chart and defining the must-have skills, with the "nice to have" skills. This exercise led me to put together my own search chart that has helped me improve the way I approach seeking new team member candidates. I now have a system for hiring qualified candidates for roles within my team. Prior to this, I was hiring the wrong fit employees (using a "gut" feel method) that were costing our organization real dollars, in terms of training, coaching, and development."
    - Craig Pellin, Segment Sales Director, Koyo Bearings North America
  • "Sandler has truly changed my professional and personal life with the way I approach communication and actions. I highly recommend the program for any businessperson interested in breaking the "traditional" sales mode and stop being like every other sales person. The system works!"
    - Craig Pellin, Segment Sales Director, Koyo Bearings North America
  • I've been waiting for the opportunity to be a student of Sandler Sales Training my entire sales career. After 22 years in sales, I finally got accepted to this great institution of sales professionalism. No longer do I spew... time to become a doctor of understanding my customers.
    - Dan Rymiszewski, Commercial Sales Representative, IDI Distribution
  • We engaged Jeff Pankoff and the Sandler Selling System just over 2 years ago. As a result, my team is much more disciplined in their business development processes, more consistent in meeting their revenue commitments, with higher close rates. The combination of the Sandler System and Jeff's education style make the training feel more like a business solution, not just a selling system. I would recommend Jeff to anyone that needs to bring their business development to the next level.
    - Darren Ostendorf, Sales Manager, Digineer, Inc.
  • Jeff has had an enormous impact on my interactions with my clients and my business' overall success. Through the tools he's given me, I am able to have much more control of the sales process and to move my clients more efficiently to a yes or no decision. I am much more equipped to be able to communicate well with any communication style, which has led to a higher client acquisition ratio and a 30% increase in my business in 1 year. Thanks, Jeff!
    - Dave Klein, Wealth Management Advisor, Northwestern Mutual
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