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Our South Carolina Team

  • John Rosso
    "John Rosso is recognized nationally as a business-development expert, specializing in executive-sales consulting and sales-productivity training as well as the best-selling author of Prospect- The Sandler Way. John is a dynamic, enthusiastic speaker who informs, entertains, and motivates presidents, CEO's, other senior managers and sales professionals. More than 200,000 sales professionals have listened to John speak, and more than 95 percent rate his content and presentation of sought-after selling solutions the best they've ever heard. His authentic, real-world approach to the sales process speaks to visionary business leaders who want the freedom success brings. ""The most efficient way an organization can increase market share, revenue, and profit and continue to dominate is by developing a more effective sales force and by getting each and every teammate to overachieve what they thought possible.” In 1994, John founded Peak Performance Management, Inc. an authorized Sandler Training Center. His track record speaks for itself, as he has helped thousands of executives, managers, and sales professionals triumph over the challenges that inhibit their success and take their sales to the next level. With 250 offices worldwide, Sandler is the global leader in sales and sales management training. In June 2015, John and Peak Performance Management received the Summit Award from Sandler Training, recognizing the company as the Number 1 Sandler Training facility out of 250 Sandler training centers worldwide. John serves on the board of directors for the Coalition for Christian Outreach Campus Ministry, and is active in the United Way’s Alexis de Toqueville Society. John has published hundreds of articles, and hosts “Sales Meeting Minute”, a regional radio-syndicated feature."
  • Rusty Fox
    Rusty has more than 20 years’ experience in sales, sales management, sales training, and ownership of companies with large sales teams. As a disciple of the Sandler System, he has successfully trained hundreds of sales professionals in both telephone and face to face sales. He has worked in both Business to Business, as well as Business to Consumer sales dealing in tangible and intangible products and services. After a career in sales management with IBM, then ownership of several Home Improvement and Advertising firms, he purchased a part of the Sandler network, and is now realizing his lifelong goal of changing lives by having the opportunity to recover failing sales careers. Sandler is a 32 year old international sales training and management consulting company with 220 locations in the US, and more than 80 overseas.
  • Emily Yepes
    Emily joined Sandler Training after being a client for two years. The Sandler method was game changing for her as a client, when she was Director of Sales for a publishing company. Performance Partners is a South Carolina-based professional services firm that specializes in sales training, coaching and leadership development. Performance Partners is an authorized licensee of Sandler Training. Outside of Sandler, Emily is a fitness instructor and mommy in Greenville, SC.
  • Stevie Depew
    Stevie Depew is the Chief Of Staff at Performance Partners. She is an experienced administrative professional who is dedicated to helping Performance Partners thrive. Driven by her passion for helping others, she takes pride in assisting our clients in navigating the world of Sandler Training.Her main focus is to maintain a smooth-running workplace while ensuring that clients have everything they need in a timely manner. Her ability to multi-task, desire for continuous learning, and dedication to positive thought helps ensure the success of our clients and our organization.Outside of work, Stevie is a fitness enthusiast with a passion for weightlifting. She also enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and two border collies.Stevie has a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and a Master of Business Administration.
  • Stephen Ross
    Stephen joined Sandler as a client in 2006. After 5 consecutive years of substantial sales growth, Stephen joined the Sandler team as an instructor. He’s a sought-after speaker and trainer in multiple industries. Stephen grew up in Columbia, SC, attended Penn State, and has lived in Greenville, SC since 2014. He enjoys spending time with his 5 kids and working out at Orangetheory. Performance Partners is a South Carolina-based professional services firm specializing in sales training, coaching, and leadership development. Performance Partners is an authorized licensee of Sandler.
  • Jared Price
    Jared Price is a seasoned professional with a background in the trade industry and a degree in Economics. He began his career by running a successful trade business in the Denver metro area after college. Later, he excelled as a residential sales representative in the HVAC sector and honed his skills through industry-specific Sandler Sales Training. Jared's journey led him to work in various roles in the HVAC field, including managing a shop in Virginia and later South Carolina. He also played a pivotal role in a buy-out turnaround as a GM in Arizona. Afterward, Jared joined ServiceTitan, where he established a thriving channel sales program, generating over 1 million dollars in annual recurring revenue. Subsequently, he ventured into roles with SearchKings and simPRO software, taking on head of partnership responsibilities for North America. His experience and success led him to become a Sandler instructor and launch the HVAC Sales Mastery course. Jared's career has been marked by his commitment to Sandler sales training and his drive to maximize results and free up time for personal pursuits, including extensive travel.
  • Sam Mascato
    Sam is a seasoned sales professional with over two decades of experience in the industry. Known for his exceptional communication skills and ability to build rapport with clients, Sam has consistently exceeded sales targets and earned recognition for his outstanding performance. His strategic approach to understanding customer needs allows him to tailor solutions that precisely match their requirements, fostering long-term relationships and generating repeat business. Throughout his career, Sam has demonstrated versatility and adaptability, successfully selling a diverse range of products and services across various sectors. His proactive attitude and willingness to go the extra mile have earned him the trust of both clients and colleagues alike. Whether negotiating complex deals or navigating challenging market conditions, Sam’s determination and resilience enable him to thrive in any situation, emerging as a trusted advisor and top performer within his organization. Beyond his professional achievements, Sam is committed to continuous learning and self-improvement. He stays updated on industry trends and market dynamics, constantly refining his skills to stay ahead of the competition. With a passion for helping others succeed and a proven track record of driving revenue growth, Sam Mascato remains a respected figure in the world of sales, inspiring others to strive for excellence and achieve their goals.
  • Sarah Blake
    Sarah Blake is the Client Engagement Specialist at Performance Partners. She is a friendly and creative administrative professional who is dedicated to helping and giving our clients the best experience possible. Her favorite part of working with our clients is knowing at the end of each of her interactions she was thorough and did everything in her power to make sure our clients are more comfortable navigating all the tools and training sessions that we have to offer. Outside of work, Sarah enjoys spending her free time with her husband and two daughters, Hannah and Savannah. Sarah has several years of customer service experience under her belt and is currently working towards her Associate’s Degree in Business Administration.