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Sandler Training by Kristine Sizemore Change Location
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Our Alabama Team

  • Kristine Sizemore
    Kristine helps business owners, sales leaders and customer service (customer experience) leaders who are doing well and are serious about taking their performance, their teams to a higher level and have KPI’s to measure that. Some are facing structural changes in their industry and must change to thrive and grow. Others see the opportunity to capture market share and seize a strategic position in the industry. The last group is seeking employee engagement to drive strategic growth.Kristine has won some awards over the years including AT&T Leader’s Council and Southern Region Gold Club and she’s also Leadership and Customer Service training certified with Achieve Global (now Miller Heiman Group). She also knows what it’s like to have a great year, then January rolls around and you wonder how you’re going to do it all again – if she’s been Sandler trained back then it would have been so different.