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Our Israel Team

  • James Abraham
    James is an award-winning Sandler trainer, coach and certified instructor. A seasoned and eclectic consultant and keynote speaker with a proven track record of supporting growth and strategic development in the fields of sales, strategic customer care, management and leadership to individuals, companies and organizations. Partnering with SMB's to fortune 500's locally and around the globe James has helped those excel and grow by increasing performance and maintaining consistent results. Result driven background in implementing successful growth strategies in organizations and for individuals that are looking to aggressively scale and reach market recognition as well as assess, improve and optimize sales, service and support departments and strategies through proven methodologies and tactical measures.James heads the Israel Sandler Sales Training Center helping sales professionals, business owners, leaders and companies overcome sales frustrations, customer care issues and management problems by solving and eliminating long and unsuccessful sales and service cycles, incorrect and poor prospecting and subsequent loss of revenue. Sandler is globally recognized as the most successful sales and service training system that includes a unique reinforcement component for real ongoing successful results.