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Our Calgary Team

  • Hamish Knox

    Hamish supports entrepreneurs to sustainably scale their sales so they can eventually exit for their number instead of the number they’re told to take.

    As one of the top franchisees in the global Sandler network, Hamish is the only Canadian recipient of the David H Sandler Award, Sandler’s highest honor. Hamish has been a four-time 'must-see' keynote speaker at the Sandler Summit and holds the recognition of being the first franchisee in Sandler's history to publish more than one book. His works on accountability and the human side of change management are available on Amazon.

    Hamish is also the Creator and Host of the Full Funnel Freedom podcast, which celebrates sales leaders and the success they’ve created through others and supports his global audience of sales leaders with ideas and insights to keep their funnels consistently, reliably full.

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  • Nisha Berman

    After starting as Marketing and Operations coordinator, Nisha has grown into the role of being President of Sandler Calgary.

    Gaining this knowledge through a variety of experiences in marketing, including digital, events marketing, and client experience by connecting with the people we support and communicating our understanding back to them.

    Nisha continues to hone her skills to create a real impact on the companies she supports and brings a unique international understanding to her career. Immigrating to Canada in 2015 from Scotland, she quickly joined Sandler Training in Calgary and has recently been promoted to President of Sandler Calgary.

    Driven by a mission to support their clients, both personally and professionally, Nisha is best known in the Sandler network as the marketing mind, supporting several groups, including the larger Global Sandler network.

    Nisha continues to grow her education through events, networking, client experience and the Sandler network to continue to support companies reach their full potential.

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  • Carrie Tuttle

    Carrie has been a sales and marketing professional for 20 years at the contributor and leadership level. In B2B sales, her strength has always been reading prospects, identifying opportunities and linking to solutions. She has been responsible for sales territories ranging from $1MM - $414 MM and she is skilled at connecting people. Her consulting clients have included many Fortune 500 brands in oil and gas, retail, telecommunications, and financial services.

    Carrie has a Bachelor of Commerce degree in marketing from The University of Calgary and is a certified yoga teacher. As an International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited leadership coach, she has a passion for supporting leaders in finding the meaning and method to perform at their best. She has been a contributing author, university guest speaker and podcast host.

    Carrie has a unique blend of business practicality and sensitivity to who people are, where they are in their lives and supporting them on where they want to go. She helped an award-winning leader redefine himself while selling his company and a consultant to double her rates within four months.

    She uses the Sandler communication in her work and life. Carrie heads up the fractional sales management group and loves facilitating Sandler training, because sales is fun!

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  • Arden Loftsgard

    Before becoming a content manager, Arden spent a significant portion of his career in sales, ranging from door-to-door to in-office sales roles. He transitioned into content creation with a marketing role that combined his sales skills with a passion for photography and videography, recognizing a market need for high-quality video content.

    Arden has experience across diverse industries, including window cleaning, lawn care, landscaping, oil and gas, construction, sales training, leadership training, IT, engineering, fitness, real estate, and entertainment. This broad exposure has honed Arden's ability to create content that drives engagement and visibility.

    Arden's key skills include content directing, videography, creative production, short-form videos, and top-tier editing. Over the past year, he has connected with top-tier creators responsible for millions of followers, gaining valuable insights into impactful content creation.

    Proficient in various video editing and production software, Arden has built a portfolio of videos amassing over 300,000 views in four months and has significantly grown accounts by hundreds of followers. Notably, he produced Facebook video ads that generated $50,000 in just 15 days.

    Arden approaches content creation with curiosity and a knack for asking insightful questions, capturing the best sides of those he works with. Passionate about evolving media trends, he recognizes the shift towards video content among younger generations.

    Having been part of the Sandler community for a couple of years, Arden participates in mentorships and peer groups with high-level industry experts. Committed to giving back, he lives a life of valuable experiences, dedicated to helping others learn and grow through shared knowledge and insights.

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