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Our Growth Mindset Sales Team

  • Brad Koettel

    Brad Koettel is a seasoned sales professional and trainer dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations to achieve exceptional sales performance. With a strong foundation in business management and a passion for transformative sales methodologies, Brad has built a reputation for his ability to inspire and drive change. He has honed his skills in various roles, consistently demonstrating his knack for aligning sales strategies with the unique needs of his clients and the evolving market landscape.

    By leveraging his extensive experience and deep understanding of sales and marketing processes, he helps clients rethink their approach to selling. He focuses on fostering a mindset that prioritizes understanding and solving customer challenges rather than simply pushing products. He is known for his engaging training style and his commitment to making complex sales concepts accessible and actionable. He tailors his training sessions to meet the specific needs of each team, ensuring that his clients not only learn new strategies but also feel confident in applying them in real-world scenarios. Brads approach is deeply rooted in practical application, making his training programs both impactful and enduring.

    He thrives on working with individuals and organizations that are committed to a growth mindset. He believes that the key to sustained success lies in the ability to learn, adapt, and continuously improve. This philosophy has shaped his approach to training, where he emphasizes the importance of resilience, curiosity, and a proactive attitude towards challenges. Outside of his professional endeavors, brad is dedicated to mentoring emerging sales talent and contributing to his community through various volunteer activities. He enjoys sharing his knowledge at industry events and through online forums, always seeking to inspire others to embrace growth and innovation in their sales practices. Brad's journey reflects a steadfast belief in the transformative power of a growth-oriented mindset and a dedication to helping others unlock their potential in the competitive world of sales.

  • Tiffany Koettel

    Tiffany Koettel is a devoted Sandler Trainer with a passion for helping sales professionals unlock their true potential. With a career steeped in the principles of Sandler Training, Tiffany has become a trusted guide for growing organizations that are ready to grow from traditional selling techniques to a more consultative, problem-solving approach. Tiffany’s natural ability to connect with people and her unwavering commitment to personal and professional growth have been the cornerstones of her success.

    As a Sandler Trainer, Tiffany brings a unique blend of expertise and empathy to her work, making her a valued partner for sales teams at various stages of development. Her approach goes beyond standard sales training; she delves deep into understanding the challenges her clients face and tailors her programs to address their specific needs. Tiffany’s enthusiasm for the Sandler methodology is infectious, and she’s known for her ability to make learning engaging and relatable. Whether she’s leading a workshop, providing one-on-one coaching, or facilitating group training sessions, Tiffany’s goal is always the same: to empower sales professionals to think differently about their roles and to embrace a mindset focused on solving customer problems.

    Tiffany is particularly drawn to working with individuals and organizations that embody a growth mindset. She believes that the willingness to learn, adapt, and continuously improve is crucial for success in today’s competitive sales landscape. This focus on growth-oriented clients allows Tiffany to make a meaningful impact, helping them navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities for development.

    When she’s not working, Tiffany can often be found exploring new ways to inspire and motivate others, whether through her involvement with several charity organizations, engagement with other C-Suite individuals through her Vistage group, or with her engagement in her local community. Her personal and professional journey reflects a deep-seated belief in the power of continuous learning and a commitment to helping others achieve their full potential in the ever-evolving world of sales.