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Sandler Atlantic Testimonials

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  • MOBIA, like all businesses, has an ongoing need to change and adapt. As we are a technology company in the IT sector, it is arguable that we need to be in a constant state of transformation. That transformation must be led by the sales team, the folks who communicate with our customers and business partners on a daily basis. Traditional selling doesn't address this need. Enter Sandler. Through Sandler, we learned a new way of communicating with our customers. Not "selling to them", but rather learning how to ask interesting questions that lead to a much deeper understanding of the problem one seeks to solve or the opportunity to help a customer take their business forward. The best testimony I can give to Sandler is that they did exactly this for us; helped us to accelerate our transformation, grow our business and better serve our customers.
    - Rob Lane - CEO Mobia Technology Innovations
  • The Sandler program fundamentally changed how we do business, taking our good intentions and hope and guiding us to create concrete plans, performance tracking tools, and to develop a winning attitude. From providing a comprehensive framework on how to maximize our sales efforts, to providing one on one individualized coaching, Eric and his team are a key component of our continuing growth.
    - David Roddis, President, Roddis Communications
  • For a startup B2B technology sales professional, Sandler has quite frankly been a game-changer. Educating and empowering - it arms you with the skills most critical to success in business, and life in general for that matter."
    - Ardi Iranmanesh, Co-founder, Affinio
  • On behalf of the IWK Foundation I wanted to write this short testimonial in support of Sandler Training. We worked with Sandler Training on customer service and sales. I found the training to be really practical, something you could take the very next day and use and the team felt comfortable working with the instructor and together they learned a lot about how to provide even better service to our donors. Working with Sandler gave my team that extra help and support. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sandler Training to any organization wanting to learn and grow.
    - Jennifer Gillivan, President and CEO IWK Foundation
  • The Sandler Selling System offers a systematic approach to selling that is repeatable, consistent and adaptable to individual styles and situations. It builds confidence in new hires where they know they are following a proven system. They are asking questions and doing the behaviors that seasoned sales people take years to learn.
    - Wayne Chiasson, VP Sales and Operations, Trane Atlantic
  • When I was asked to create a vision board for our Sandler session I was unsure of two things: what I was going to include and whether the concept would work for me. I created the board and included goals that I felt would be attainable but some of the goals were not easily attainable. I started off by looking at which ones would be short term verses my longer term goals.  I knew what I wanted to achieve in 2017. All of my goals were designed to be accomplished within a one year maximum. I placed the vision board on my desk at work. I began accomplishing goals-one at a time. It was a great feeling. Finally, in December 2017 I have reached every goal that I had set out for myself on the Vision Board. My last goal that I had accomplished was the one that had the timeline of one year to achieve. I have made my updated Vision Board for 2018 and I am excited to see if I am able to accomplish this year's goals!
    - Amber Davis - Bell Media
  • The Sandler approach has had an enormous effect on us - in confirming and strengthening a basic approach that I believe strongly in. We really like the system because it enables us to work with our customers in a more relevant, supportive way. It has created the tools for people in our organization to carry out this approach in practice with our customers. We have found that this approach deepens our relationships with our customers.
    - Michael Scott, CEO Precision Biologic
  • Office Interiors has been a client of Sandler Training for more than 10 years. They have done a great job developing my staff. Our tag is 'Love the Way You Work'. Sandler helps us 'Love the Way We Sell'.
    - Jim Mills, CEO, Office Interiors Group
  • Sandler Training has provided me with a transferable skill set I can apply in many parts of my business. As a business owner I use the techniques daily in engaging prospects, clients, and staff. The greatest benefit I received from being part of Sales Mastery is confidence in business development which has translated into increased sales revenue.
    - Roxanne Tate, Partner, Tate Engineering
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