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Our Atlanta Team

  • Mark McGraw

    CEO of Sales Engine, LLC

    Mark McGraw founded Sales Engine, LLC in 2006 after spending 17 years climbing the ladder in Corporate America. He knew he wanted to join the Sandler family after he was introduced as a client to Sandler Training with his sales team at a Fortune 500 Company. Mark's knowledge and experience in corporate sales, management, and business ownership, combined with his excellent approach to Sandler coaching, is his "secret sauce" that helps clients increase profits and revenues.Mark is also a frequent guest expert contributor for the Sandler National Business Solutions Blog, as well as a recognized sales expert in the metro Atlanta area.Annually, a Sandler coach is selected by their peers in recognition of their outstanding dedication. In 2017 Mark McGraw was awarded this esteemed recognition. In lieu of a Sandler Hall of Fame, the David H. Sandler Award recognizes the embodiment of Sandler principles and the spirit of founder David Sandler, as well as the Sandler brand.Mark's professional goal is to help people see and achieve a higher vision for themselves.

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  • Josh Pitchford

    Partner and Coach at Sales Engine, LLC

    Josh Pitchford is a valued consultant to our clients and member of the Sandler team. Our clients look forward to the energy and enthusiasm that Josh brings to each training session. Josh's strong grasp of Sandler principles combined with his approachable personality allows him to be a trustworthy mentor and trainer.Josh’s background has given him the ability to grow into a coach and mentor to leaders in different industries. He is the son of small business owners that helped him develop a business acumen. Through consistent exposure over the span of his career, he led a team of 650 sales professionals in his last position prior to joining Sandler.Josh was able to produce those results in his previous position, by building a scalable system that was embedded in the Sandler principles. His understanding of the Sandler Selling System and abilities to coach the system are an uncommon trait in those that are new to being Sandler Trainers.Josh has a unique ability to relate the Sandler concepts to different companies and industries quickly and it comes through in delivery that he truly lives by our mantra to “Help People, Make Money, Have Fun”.

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  • Chris Shalls

    Meet Chris Shalls, a seasoned Sandler Trainer and Coach known for his expertise in transforming sales teams. Introduced to the Sandler Selling Methodology in 2014 during his tenure at Online Trading Academy, Chris quickly became one of the top education coaches and power trading workshop instructors. With a focus on technique, planning, and sales psychology, Chris has played a pivotal role in reshaping sales teams and empowering individuals to excel in their roles. Beyond the world of sales, Chris is also an avid outdoor enthusiast, dedicating as much time as possible to exploring the beauty of Alaska.

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  • John McKee

    John is a Lead-From-the-Front Sales Strategist & Trainer. With a commanding presence that naturally draws a room’s attention, John McKee stands at the forefront of sales strategy and training. Known for his infectious energy and humor, John doesn’t just teach the art of the sale – he inspires it. A Sandler Sales virtuoso, he brings an arsenal of bold, innovative tactics layered in psychology to the table, fostering an atmosphere where enthusiasm becomes as contagious as success.

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  • Rachel Chang

    Sales Operations Manager and Consultant

    Meet Rachel, our versatile team member specializing in projects, sales operations, and assessments. With a background in Psychology and Training & Development, Rachel brings a wealth of expertise to our assessment processes, including the utilization of tools like Talogy and DISC assessments. Beyond administrative tasks, Rachel serves as a trusted advisor, offering insightful analysis and personalized guidance to our clients. Her commitment to staying updated with the latest assessment methodologies ensures that our processes are both rigorous and tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.Behind the scenes, Rachel's adeptness in operations and project management ensures smooth coordination and execution of assessment initiatives. From managing our online learning management system to tracking marketing and delivering results in our CRM, Rachel's organizational skills and attention to detail streamline our processes, enabling us to deliver exceptional service and support to our clients efficiently.

  • Ian Ronkoski

    Client Success Manager

    Ian has an extensive background in direct sales as well as helping others achieve their goals. As one of our Client Success Managers, Ian is able to provide a unique and interactive approach for making a positive impact for our clients.

  • Nicole Hill

    Client Success Manager

    Nicole's primary focus is on ensuring your success in achieving your goals. She is deeply committed to assisting the client every step of the way.In addition to this, Nicole's responsibilities encompass various tasks such as project managing private trainings and calendars, conducting regular QVR's with management to ensure ongoing success, facilitating onboarding processes, conducting success calls, identifying new sales opportunities, and continuously seeking ways to better serve you.Nicole's aim is to bring value and deliver the exceptional Sandler Experience to each client while providing outstanding customer service. Your success is her top priority, and she is dedicated to supporting you in every way possible.