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This title seems to be a catch phrase in customer service these days. It’s referring to that moment when the customer makes a connection to you, your product, or your company. It’s when your relationship with them solidifies, and they see you as a trusted advisor – someone who is there to make sure their needs are met.

Recently one of our clients took her father to a big box store to make a purchase. A group of salespeople stood talking to each other, ignoring customers. A salesgirl recognized the situation, came over to help, asked questions, walked them through the product choices, pointed out some benefits the customer wasn’t aware of, offered the sale price that actually didn’t start until the following day, and carried it out to the car for them. They were ecstatic. Where was the Moment of Truth in this transaction?

It started with the salesgirl recognizing the lack of attention and provided it. The moment our client felt like her needs weren’t being met; someone was there to meet them. Could it really be that simple?

Focusing in on a customer who’s feeling forgotten is a huge moment of truth. People can buy furniture at a variety of places. They can find sales all over the city. What is going to make the difference? How will customers find a moment of truth in their buying experience? It starts with the customer service.

Next the salesgirl lived up to the credibility debrief by knowing her products and asking the right questions. Instead of pushing the products she needed to get off the floor, instead of pitching features and benefits of different living room sets – she asked questions. She took an interest in the wants and needs of the customer, and then helped them find the best fit.

Finally, being flexible enough to be able to offer tomorrow’s sale price today, saved the customer another trip. Bingo. After such a positive experience, would it be safe to say our client and her father would return to that store for future needs? Absolutely.

These moments of truths resulted in a completely thrilled customer. It doesn’t have to be earth shattering – you don’t need to move mountains to deliver exceptional customer care. At the end of the day, it’s about treating customers well, going the extra mile, and creating opportunities for moments of truth.

Is your customer service team facilitating moments of truth?