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Our Central San Diego Team

  • Kevin Spindt
    I work with business owners, leaders, and professionals who are looking to expand and grow. Most are happy enough or content with where they are today but are tired of not seeing revenue improving or perhaps they have become frustrated with their lack of growth. All growth begins with personal awareness and grows from our mindset.My passion is taking companies or individuals who are feeling ‘stuck’, and helping them learn the techniques, attitudes, and behaviors to maximize their potential.I have spent the last 20+ years working in professional sales, training, and management. My primary focus has been helping companies and individuals unlock their potential to meet and exceed sales quotes and to smash through personal goals. By implementing a successful structured sales system as well as learning and applying effective thinkingtechniques, my clients have the opportunity to advance their careers and improve their overall personal well-being.I believe everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. I also believe that sales is an honorable and noble occupation… But only if you follow my definition of sales: “helping someone make a positive decision they are not able to see or make for themselves”