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Thank You to the Prospects


It's no secret that the dynamics of professional selling are changing and ever-evolving, particularly with the proliferation of virtual selling, LinkedIn, social media, etc. What remains, however, is that selling is still a high-rejection business.

Where else can you go to work with the assurance that you'll be turned down countless times daily – if your phone calls and emails get returned? What other occupation is the brunt of jokes and questionable ethics? Where else can prospects and competitors "appropriate" your ideas, intellectual property, and solutions without proper compensation?

Successful salespeople know that these things come with the territory. Successful salespeople also know not to take them personally and realize that "what doesn't kill us makes us stronger."

Gratitude is a healthy, thoughtful practice in every season. I want to take the time to pause and give thanks to all those potential clients, customers, and prospects we may have encountered along the way. These "thank you's" have never been expressed more profoundly than our founder, David H. Sandler himself, did back in 1987:

FOR every turndown, which made me stronger - even though I thought it was the end of my career at the time. It taught me to move on and find someone who was genuinely interested in my product/service.

FOR every back out of a sale, which left me disappointed and discouraged…and a special apology for all the wicked thoughts that went through my mind at the time.

FOR not showing up for a Monday morning appointment that had been confirmed, which I prepared for and worried about all weekend…you taught me how to relax and enjoy my family…seven days a week.

FOR every "I want to think it over" I took from you…until I became strong enough to learn how to deal with a stall (which was a 'no').

FOR every other stall and objection you brought up…you made me a better salesperson by forcing me to use my knowledge and training to find a response.

FOR teaching me that money is a conceptual and not a technical thing and that it was a good thing to ask questions and uncover your real problems and concerns, the implications of those issues, and your conviction to change them.

FOR every receptionist, gatekeeper, and assistant you trained to fend me off in the reception room and on the phone…it made me realize they, too, are professionals and needed to be understood and communicated with.

FOR every time you misled me and didn't give me straight answers…that only made me realize why some salespeople have earned the poor reputation they have. I now believe that only honest, above-board, and full-disclosure selling will create a better customer.

FOR every time I had to defend the business of selling, which eventually convinced me that selling was a worthwhile, legitimate, and satisfying profession…in spite of what some may say. I also know that everyone is selling at some point to someone, even you.

AND a final thank you for putting up with my ineptness, my fears, my worries, my self-doubt, my introversion, and all the other self-limitations I placed upon myself…thank you for increasing my resolve …and helping me become the professional I am today. Thank you, too, for helping get rid of my 'head trash' and self-limiting beliefs so I can do my job better.

What do you need to express gratitude for?

Jim Marshall

Jim Marshall

Jim brings over 35 years of sales, management and marketing experience to the "training table." He has coached hundreds of business owners, sales executives, managers, and corporations to help them achieve greater levels of success and productivity. His areas of expertise range from sales and management training in the advertising and sports marketing fields to professional and business-to-business services, continuing education, new business development, staff hiring and assessments.