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Oh No, Not Another Meeting!


The word "meeting" brings out a chemical reaction in people. It's either a positive or a negative reaction. Do your meetings cause the release of serotonin, or cortisol? I choose serotonin!

Why even have that meeting? Could we pass the information through email or via a brief chat session? Likely... YES!

Well, sometimes meetings are necessary. So, how do we make the best of the situation?

What is lacking in a bad meeting? What makes a good meeting good?

A few thoughts.

Bad Meeting:

  • No clear purpose.
  • No specific agenda, in writing. This could go for hours!
  • Little consideration for attendees. For example; a meeting pass email worthy information.
  • No stated goal for a clear outcome or next steps.

How many of those meetings have you endured? That's too many!

What needs to change?

Good Meeting:

  • Very specific purpose/goal, stated upfront.
  • A clear agenda with a start and stop time.
  • What I want to cover, what you want to cover. Notice that this is mutual, not meeting to pass email fodder.
  • Clear outcomes or next steps, agreed to upfront

We call this an Up-Front Contract. It's a game plan for your next meeting. Never have another meeting without one.

There, now isn't that Better?

So, no more bad meetings. Okay? Good!

Frank Gustafson

Frank Gustafson