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Asking for referrals . Yes, I know all the theory. I know the practical bit too. I teach my clients about asking for referrals. I’m just not very good at remembering to do so for my own business. Or at least that’s the excuse I gave myself. Now I'm not so sure. I think I just felt it was all a bit embarrassing and, well, an imposition all round.

After so many years and I reached a turning point just recently. I should just explain I hate 1 to 1 meetings, you know, the “get to know each other better" meeting with no intention of talking potential business. I had one a few days ago. We got on to referrals. I thought I couldn't possibly have a referral for her. But then I realized I had: an organization she could probably help and I’d like to help. I suddenly realized that I liked that feeling. And I realized that asking me was a good feeling for her, too. Hang on, everyone wins here. Even if there is no business in the end, we all still win and it was a great feeling asking and being asked.

That’s it, that’s the key I want to share with you, the lightbulb moment. It shouldn't just be OK to ask; it should feel good to ask and everybody should feel good about it. Reviewing my clients who are referrals to me I realize that my referrer is always pleased that their help worked out (they wanted the best for their contact after all) So everyone wins and it is a great experience for everyone, so long as it is all done professionally and in the spirit of giving.

If that’s the case, if it’s not uncomfortable or embarrassing or anything like that, who would you ask, right now?

Well, having shared what I hope might be a light bulb moment for you too, I’m obviously going to ask you for referrals as well.

Who do you know who are business owners or MDs or Sales Directors in IT, Telecommunications, manufacturing or consulting who you think would like a quick 5 minute conversation about getting more business more quickly?

Thank you for helping.

Paul Glynn

Paul Glynn

Sandler trainer