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Work on your attitude


If you listen to our podcasts or follow my social media closely you might know that I wrote a whitepaper on Personal Presence (please feel free to ask me for a copy). In that whitepaper I emphasize the practical things you can do to increase personal presence. I’m only interested in real things you can do when it comes to changing attitude and building the inner person. Too much is written that is just wishy-washy and ultimately unhelpful.

Which is why I was impressed by a talk I attended from one of my colleagues. It was so good, and so practical I want to share it with you here. I know he stole it from a sports coach, and now I’m stealing it from him, but it’s worth the steal.

You are probably familiar with “Three Words” that identifies where you are down to a few square metres on the Earth’s surface. I find that amazing. How about thinking about some words that identify where you are in your life? For this exercise you need to choose 6 words to place yourself.

What 6 words best describe you? Not what would you like to be, but what words would you use for when you are at your very best? Mine were things like “giving” and “open”. Some of my colleagues went more with “brave” and “present”. Fine, you choose your own. They will mean something deep in you.

Now in your daily journal write in your affirmations “When I’m at my best I am….” followed by your 6 words. And then each day pick one of those words and ask yourself 3 questions:
Why is being …. Important?
How can I be more … today
How will I feel when I am more…

Add your answers as part of your affirmations.

Can you imagine what difference that will make to your day when you are starting out focused on being more brilliant in one of those areas that you already see as defining what makes you who you really are?

This all of course assumes you already do a daily journal. If you’re based in Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Berkshire or Hampshire and you’d like to know more about putting together a daily journal that will empower you each day, let me know.
In the meantime, pick your 6 words!

Paul Glynn

Paul Glynn

Sandler trainer