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You're Making Now Exactly What You Believe You're Worth


This is one of the David Sandler quotes that makes a lot of salespeople sit up and take stock of their career and life. It also has the effect of making a person’s backbone straighten up.

I once I worked with a young salesperson who sat in a sales bullpen with five other people. They didn’t have wonderful cubicles with intimate lighting and privacy barriers. It was a ten by twelve room with two windows and six desks and chairs. They saw and heard everything each other did. Over the three years in that environment, they saw 17 different people occupy those seats.

They all had the same product to sell, and they all had the same opportunity. Some people excelled, developed a book of business, created amazingly loyal business relationships, and to this day continue to work diligently while creating a lifestyle that provides happiness for themselves, their families, and their friends. They developed the lifestyle they wanted through their efforts on the job.

Some made the necessary cold calls, took the rejections as part of the job, studied their competition, and developed a strategy to win. They believed in themselves and their product, and the opportunity the company provided, but they ultimately knew it was up to them.

They limited their own negative self-talk (head trash), and believed that their actions determined how they felt rather than letting how they felt determine their actions.

They are winners. I admire these people and thank them for their example. You’re developing the exact life you believe you should have.

Jeff Pankoff

Jeff Pankoff

Jeff Pankoff is the Owner & President of Sandler Training by NorthStar Performance Partners, LLC serving Minneapolis, MN and the Twin Cities area