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The Secret to Cold Calling Success


You probably saw the headline and thought I would be sharing some earth shattering revelation that would change your life as a sales professional forever.

Sorry if you feel let down but the number one secret to cold calling success is just one word that is going to sound ridiculously simple and obvious. RELAX! That’s right, relax.

Trust me it only SEEMS simple and obvious, most sales people have numerous “tells” as Sandler Trainer John Rosso refers to them in his new Sandler Training book Prospect The Sandler Way What the term “tells” refer to are those moments during a call where sellers give away just how nervous, uncomfortable, etc. they are about making a cold call.

There is no magic script and there are no secret words that when said exactly the right way will yield prospecting perfection. Lose the script, you just need to relax and be yourself.

Cold calling is no place to get your personal needs met either and far too often we are overly concerned with what Sandler Training calls “head trash”. The term refers to past programming we may have allowed into our minds that causes us to worry about what prospects think about us, what they might think about being interrupted, what we think about the effectiveness of cold calling, etc.

The first goal of any cold call should be to have a conversation. The likelihood of having a conversation with another human being is much higher when you behave like a normal human being yourself. No “sales speak”, no artificially animated vocal patterns or tonality, and no manipulation. Relax.

The “relaxed” approach to cold calling is certainly a lot tougher than the implied simplicity might lead you to believe but the results are well worth it. By the way, it just MIGHT change your life as a sales professional forever!

Chuck Terry, CEO/President

Chuck Terry, CEO/President

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