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The Physics of Lead Generation


Although math and science were not my best subjects in school I did pay attention, particularly where I saw an application in the world of business.

One of the laws of physics that I have found applicable during my professional career has been the formula for momentum. The equation is momentum equals mass times velocity or, more simply, momentum equals size multiplied by speed. Trust me I am not smart enough to make this too complicated so here are a couple of applications of simple physics when it comes to generating leads.

  • Prospecting- Generating referral leads through networking has arguably become the most effective means of prospecting. Effective prospecting now requires mastery of both traditional networking and networking through social mediums such as LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter and newer platforms such as Pinterest and Snapchat. The “equation” is that momentum (new prospects generated) equals the mass (size of your personal and professional network) multiplied by the velocity (frequency of contact within your network). Said another way, the effectiveness of your networking activity is exponentially MULTIPLIED as your network grows and you spend more time communicating with them.
  • E-Mail Marketing- Building a high quality e-mail list is critical to the success of a “drip marketing” campaign and one of the primary functions of a business’s web site is now to capture the e-mail addresses of interested visitors. Once again momentum (leads generated) equals mass (the total number of quality e-mail addresses) times velocity (the speed and variety of what you communicate in your e-mails). While this may seem obvious it is amazing how many companies don’t focus enough effort on maximizing the effectiveness of this approach.

I could certainly continue with examples of how you can maximize the “momentum” of your lead generation efforts through SEO optimization, blogging, etc. but I think you get the point. When you maximize the mass and velocity of ANY lead generation activity you will multiply the amount of momentum you build in your efforts. Whew, class dismissed!

Chuck Terry, CEO/President

Chuck Terry, CEO/President

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