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Do you have some "trivial" goals?


Mine: Play a round of golf in all 50 states by 2029.

I have always been a goal setter, particularly when it comes to my business or personal health. It's important to have goals as it gives you focus and significantly elevates your chances of success; whatever success means to you.

Perhaps one of my favorite goals, which some may describe as trivial or self-indulgent, is to play golf in all 50 states.

About 15 years ago, while on a business trip someone asked me the question: "How many states have you played golf in?" The answer: "I don't know." When I counted them up, it was 19 and I thought wouldn't it be cool to play in all 50!

At that point, it was more of an aspiration than a goal. I didn't set a timeline, nor create a plan. Then about 5 years ago I checked my list, and the count was up to 29. Good progress, but at that point I thought if this was going to be an actual goal I achieve; I need to get serious.

I set a timeline to hit 50 by 2029. I shared the goal with family and several close friends and asked for their help. Next, I sketched out a plan of how and when I would attempt to cross these states off my list and defined why this is important to stay focused.

Goals that you keep to yourself, without a timeline, an action plan, a clear way to measure progress, and a reason why they are important, are simply dreams. It doesn’t matter what kind of goals they are trivial, important, large, small, or self-indulgent. 

This goal is important to me. It has given me a reason to travel, which is something that I love to do. It’s also given me an opportunity to share the experience with family, friends, colleagues, clients, partners, and really cool total strangers. The last 7 states I have checked off have been with my son. We have created lasting memories as a result.

I have 10 states left on my list … who wants to help me check some off before 2029? I still haven’t played in Virginia, Delaware, West Virginia, Kentucky, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, North Dakota, Oregon, and Alaska.

Even if you don’t golf, what “silly” goals do you have that give you great joy? 

Eric Warner

Eric Warner

Eric Warner, the founder and president of Praxis Growth Advisors, is an award-winning sales trainer, leadership development specialist and accomplished sales process strategist. He has more than 25 years of experience leading teams, building businesses and driving complex sales processes.