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Enthusiasm is Like a Disease


Have you ever been approached by a salesperson while walking into a retail store, and at that very moment, you say to yourself, "Oh my, here comes a salesperson."?

But—How did you know that it is a salesperson? Usually, you can tell because they are overly eager in their approach. This is called having too much emotional involvement in the sale. This is one of the many weaknesses of salespeople. Having too much personal involvement is when salespeople want to fix someone's problem more than they want to have their problem fixed.

When salespeople want to convince individuals to do something that they may not want to do, they sometimes believe that if they are excitable, their prospective customers will catch that enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is like a disease—if you try to get others to see it, they may, and it will likely be harmful.

Usually, when a salesperson becomes emotionally involved, it indicates that the salesperson is overthinking. The thinking could include but isn't limited to, analyzing, creating, worrying, panicking, getting excited, and strategizing on the fly. It is often the result of a lack of preparation and the inability to respond appropriately and naturally thoroughly.

Salespeople will often lose control of the selling process because when the thinking begins, the salesperson stops listening to the prospect and starts listening to him/herself. Overcoming this sales weakness could mean 20% more business.

Choose a systematic sales process and plan, which allows one to have rational rather than emotional responses.

John Rosso

CEO and Best Selling Author of "Prospect The Sandler Way"