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Thank you, Mr. Prospect


In David Sandler's early years in sales, he found himself on the receiving end of more lies, deception, and mistreatment than he ever could have imagined. Though hard on him at the time, he came to see these events not as hardships but, instead, as gifts – and he wrote a Thank You dispatch to his past prospects.

For - every turndown, which made me stronger even though at the time I thought it was the end of my career.

For - every backout which left me disappointed and discouraged... and a special apology for all the wicked thoughts that went through my mind at the time.

For - not showing up for a Monday morning appointment that had been confirmed, and one which I was worried about all weekend…you taught me how to relax and enjoy my family... seven days a week.

For - every "I want to think it over" I took... until I became angry enough to learn how to deal with a stall which had no substance except in my own mind.

For - every other stall and objection I have never been able to find in any sales training manual... which made me a better salesperson by forcing me to use my creativity in order to find a response.

For - teaching me that money is a conceptual thing and not a technical thing, and that you only had as much money as I was strong enough to ask for... even though it had no relationship to what you really would have spent for what I was selling.

For - every secretary you trained to fend me off in the reception room... which only hardened me for battle once I learned how to fight my way into your office.

For - every "lie" you told me…while at the same time you insisted salespeople were prevaricators, embellishers and downright distrustful.

For - every dinner table fight I had with my family where I had to defend the business of selling which eventually even convinced me that selling was a worthwhile, legitimate profession... in spite of what you were telling me.

And a final thank you, Sir, for - putting up with my ineptness, my not-OKness, my fears, my worries, my self-doubt, my introversion, and all the other self-limitations I placed upon myself... which only someone as hard-nosed, difficult, narrow-minded, and intimidating as you could have helped me overcome and become the professional I am today.

-- by David Sandler