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Qualities of a Successful Plan


A well-crafted sales plan encompasses the following characteristics to achieve your desired outcomes:

Establishes measurable, specific, vivid, and motivating goals: Clearly define where you aim to be in one year and determine the metrics you'll use to gauge success, such as the number of buyers contacted, percentage of sales to specific customer types, sales volume, profit, or your ranking among peers.

Identifies enabling objectives: Determine the necessary intermediate objectives to reach your ultimate goals. Consider the work habits and values you need to develop or embrace along the way. Outlines a logical order of steps: Establish a logical sequence for achieving your goals, specifying the order in which key actions need to be taken.

Sets a reasonable yet challenging timeline: Determine realistic deadlines for achieving your ultimate goals and surpassing intermediate milestones.

Pinpoints barriers and constraints: Analyze the reasons behind any past failures to achieve objectives. Identify the internal or external forces that have impeded progress.

Specifies strategies, procedures, and tactics: Define the specific actions and approaches that will overcome the barriers preventing you from achieving your objectives.

Summarizes resource requirements: Identify the financial, material, informational, educational, training, support, and staffing resources needed to execute your plan effectively. Establishes accountability: Determine mechanisms to hold yourself accountable for progress and results. Define how you will ensure follow-through.

Is documented in writing: Transform your plan from a mere concept to a concrete commitment by putting it in writing. Written plans have more weight and are more likely to be implemented. Is shared and negotiated with stakeholders: Increase the commitment and support for your plan by sharing it with those responsible for its implementation. Solicit their input and make adjustments as needed.

Signifies personal commitment: Initiate your plan only when you are fully confident and dedicated to its success. Wholehearted commitment enhances your chances of achieving your goals. Remember, a sales plan is not just a dream; it is a vow to succeed. Embrace these principles to transform your aspirations into a tangible roadmap for success.

Lisa Nausley

Lisa Nausley

Sandler Trainer & Executive Coach
Sandler | Chattanooga