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Creating Your Recipe for Success in 2024


Earlier this spring, we discussed the importance of crafting a strategic plan for managing your book of business without overlooking your account list. Ensure breaking down that list into four strategic "buckets," each demanding distinct approaches to maximize growth.

As we wrap up a robust 2023, we're actively engaging with our clients, guiding them through comprehensive goal-setting exercises to position themselves for success in 2024. For sales professionals, understanding our driving force is crucial. What are we personally aiming to achieve? Clarity on meaningful personal goals enables charting a course for success – after all, one can't hit a target they don't have!

How many sales do I need to make next year? How many proposals will I need to submit? How many initial meetings should I conduct? How many prospecting activities are necessary? Which prospecting activities should I focus on? To determine this, understanding close ratios from one step in the selling process to the next is essential. Have you tracked your close ratios throughout the sales process? If not, industry standards and averages can provide a starting point.

Does this sound complicated? It's not really. Imagine applying a simplified methodology or system to ensure the realization of your personally significant goals. Would it be worth some additional thought and planning? Remember this... Decide what you want, build a plan, and you can bet on the outcome. It's like money in the bank. But I don't know, maybe that's not important to you... or is it?

Dan and Lisa Nausley

Dan and Lisa Nausley

Lisa & Dan Nausley of Sandler Chattanooga have developed extensive Sales Mastery and Management Programs after more than a decade of training and coaching exceptional teams across the country in sales, leadership, and executive coaching.