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Pursuing Excellence: The Key Trait of Exceptional Leaders


Effective leadership extends beyond merely assimilating traits and habits of successful leaders. Truly outstanding leaders not only give their organizations a clear direction but also build an infrastructure that amplifies the likelihood of attaining their vision. They adeptly place their team members in roles where they can contribute most effectively, thereby streamlining the organization's journey towards its vision.

Exceptional leaders also foster a culture of attracting and retaining top-tier talent. They encourage an environment where employee growth is prioritized, and recruitment for potential new talent is ceaseless. This strategy ensures a well-prepared team, and a people bank of potential new employees so that they are not held hostage to the adage, “anybody in this job is better than nobody.”

Once roles are populated with the right people, superior leaders empower their teams to refine processes and innovate for optimal productivity. They understand that the onus of achieving excellent results that align with the company's vision rests with the people they lead.

These leaders recognize that their reputation, and how the world will ultimately judge them as a leader, is contingent on how their team performs. To ensure optimal output, they explicitly communicate performance expectations and assessment criteria. This approach allows employees to understand their roles better and strive towards fulfilling expectations. Using performance metrics, leaders can track progress and make necessary adjustments to keep the organization on its path towards its vision.

Leadership, in essence, is the discipline of designing and preserving the path to organizational excellence. This includes a fervent commitment to realizing the company's vision and mission, continuous planning, and adjusting to sustain or propel the organization towards excellence. They clearly communicate the organization's direction and progress towards its goals. And while personality type isn't a determinant of great leadership, a relentless pursuit of excellence coupled with a strategic roadmap indeed is.

Lisa Nausley

Lisa Nausley

Sandler Trainer & Executive Coach
Sandler | Chattanooga