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As most companies head into the final quarter of the year, it’s the time that many sales people begin to assess, evaluate, and contemplate their activities and performance. Several years ago, a close friend of mine had a boss who would ask her the same question every year at this time, “Brynn, you’re really good at what you do but what are you going to do different next year to make it rain?”. This question came to her like clock-work, as if it were directly tied to daylight savings. Turn the clocks back – check, get the Halloween gear out – check, ask Brynn the question – check!

What was really driving this question? Complacency!


While most managers focus a lot of effort on behaviors, KPI’s, and results, they pay little attention to the mindset of what it takes to be exceptional. To take that a step further, many managers struggle to articulate mindset let alone coach they’re salespeople on it. A manager’s job is to keep salespeople running on all cylinders.

This year, when your boss asks you the question of what your going to do differently, put these 5 mindsets on the table and let him/her know that complacency will not be part of your game.

Mindset 1: My company has the magic dust

  • You must believe in your company and what it stands for. Its mission, philosophy, and dedication to best in class for clients and employees. Are you a believer?

Mindset 2: My market place is full of opportunity

  • Lots of competition in your market? Good news, lots of people purchase what you sell making prospecting easy. Don’t be the one who laments about how much competition is out there, it’s depressing!

Mindset 3: Stay cautious, curious, and never tied to the outcome

  • Not every prospect is qualified to be a client thus having a sales process (and using it) that gets to the truth quickly is your best friend.

Mindset 4: I don’t have to like prospecting, I just have to do it

  • Prospecting truly is a numbers game. Nothing more, nothing less.

Mindset 5: Sales is Easy

  • Allow me to distill this down for you in three (easy to wrap your mind around) parts.
  1. Does your prospect have a problem that you can fix? If no, stop the process.
  2. Is the prospects problem IMPORTANT enough to do something about? If no, stop the process.
  3. Does the prospect want your help? If no, stop the process.

Rick McDermott

Rick McDermott

Rick McDermott has over 25 years of successful sales experience working with several of North America's largest steel and aluminum distribution centers. Working in sales and management roles throughout his career, Rick has provided a broad range of products, value-added services, and logistic solutions to companies in diverse industries such as Oil & Gas, Semi-Conductor, Aerospace, Mining, and Capital Equipment Manufacturing. His passion for business and desire for helping others has been combined through the creation of McDermott Professional Solutions Inc., a licensed Sandler Training® center located in Independence, Ohio.