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What Is Your Favorite "F" Word


Yes, you read that correctly. As a Sandler Trainer, my favorite F word is FUDWACA. Yes, FUDWACA, but more on that later.

We have all heard the term 30-second commercial or elevator pitch. We all most likely have a few different versions, depending on our audience. The 30-second commercial is not a new technique. It has been around a long time.

In fact, some Business Owners, CEO’s, Presidents, Sales Leaders have been using the same 30-second commercial for years. Is that a bad thing? I guess it depends on the content.

Many of us network. There is a big difference between networking and “not-working” but I will save that for another article. We network at different chamber events, networking groups such as LeTip and BNI and other professional groups and associations. We even network at family reunions and get-togethers with friends. I recently went to a small dinner party with only 4 couples. I knew 3 of them, but it was my first time meeting the 4th couple. As will usually happen, my new friends asked me what I do for a living and I gave them my 30-second commercial. They responded with “we could really use your help in our industry.” I will spare you all the details, but they referred me to a professional organization that hired me as a speaker and we have since closed additional new business that specifically came from the speaking engagement, with more opportunities in the funnel as well. You never know where and when a potential opportunity will arise.

You need to always be prepared with a 30-second commercial. Don’t just mail it in. Many times you can tell how passionate someone is about their business, just by how they deliver their commercial. You need to take those 30 seconds and focus it on the pains you solve for the people in the room or your prospects. Why do people hire you? For what reasons? What pains do you, your company your product and or service solve?

A really great 30-second commercial will elicit an emotional response from your audience. It will help you connect with them on a deeper level. While not every prospect is meant to become your customer, you do want your 30 seconds to really resonate with them.

FUDWACA will help you elicit that emotional response. You will use FUDWACA words in your description of the pains your product or service solve for your prospects.








Here is one of mine.

My name is Scott Bliss from Sandler Training. We work with CEO’s, Business Owners, Executives and Sales Leaders who are frustrated with stagnant pipelines. They are concerned that their sales teams are not qualifying enough new prospects on a consistent basis. They are worried that their teams are missing quotas and selling on price alone, commoditizing the market. I am not sure if you are experiencing any of these issues, but if so, perhaps we should have a conversation?

It starts with a brief introduction, my name, and company. It then states the types of clients we work with. After that FUDWACA FUDWACA FUDWACA. Using words like frustrated, concerned, worried will elicit the emotional response you are looking for. You end with an “I’m not sure if you are experiencing any of these issues," which is a hook. Don’t automatically assume they are. Ask them the question.

A really good 30-second commercial will also differentiate you from everyone else in the room mailing in their standard version. Be different. Be brave. Be comfortable being uncomfortable.

For more information, you may reach us at or 732-255-6672. Come crash one of our upcoming public training classes.

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Scott Bliss

Scott Bliss

President | Maximum Performance Management, LLC Scott's mission is to help sales leaders and other business professionals improve performance as they lead, communicate and sell more effectively and persuasively. Contact him at or 732-255-6672.

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