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Sales Strategy-Stay in front of prospects


Use email marketing to routinely provide useful information to your prospects through a variety of channels.

Digital marketing accomplishes three goals:

First, it helps smooth the “roller coaster” sales cycle by providing consistent marketing communication even when you don’t have any specific campaigns going.

Second, it builds your company’s credibility with prospective clients by providing information useful to them, and associating it with your “brand”.

Third, it ensures that your contact information is within easy reach for prospective clients whenever a problem arises that they need your help – no need to have to search their memory because your contact information is still in their in-box (and will be arriving again soon).

Here’s a couple of tips for keeping your message in front of prospective clients and building credibility with your market:

  • Provide information that’s useful to your prospective clients, such as “expert tips”. Describe it in terms of solutions to common problems.
  • Plan a variety of modes of communication to ensure you reach everyone, regardless of their preferences (and their spam filters). A blend of emails, email newsletters, and direct mail is recommended.
  • Make sure that your logo and contact information is prominently displayed – remember, this is a branding campaign.
  • Add to your database all the time. Think of it as a marathon, not a sprint.
  • Only send to people who want something from your firm, and make it easy for them to “opt out” if they no longer want to receive your communications.
  • Include hyperlinks in your emails so they can easily get to your website to learn more about your firm.

Joe Marr, President, Sandler Training Ann Arbor

Joe Marr, President, Sandler Training Ann Arbor

Joe Marr has over 30 years experience organizing, training, coaching and managing sales professionals and sales managers worldwide. In executive sales and training positions in the corporate world, Joe was responsible for the technical and sales fundamentals training of over 1000 sales people worldwide in support of a $110,000,000 business. A native of Ann Arbor who attended EMU Business School, Joe's mission is to help business people to get as comfortable and effective in selling and sales management, as they are in the rest of their business. Contact me at: Sandler Training located in Ann Arbor, MI