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  • Jess Lambrecht, UWGB "Tony has supported our team in making our processes more efficient so meetings produce optimal results. Better understanding relationship development and the contract process has resulted in an increase of offerings so that we can then deliver quality programs for the organizations we work with."
  • Todd Dehn, Team Logic IT "I have had the opportunity to work with Tony Hoslet on several levels, from training to consulting. This is a top notch, world class organization that brings proven results to any organization. Tony drives sales productivity platforms that define, monitor, and teach sales behaviors, and the results generated by them. Highly recommended."
  • Chris Robinson, Full Scope Creative "We're having a record year at Full Scope and working with Tony Hoslet has been a big part of that success. I’ve worked with Tony as my sales coach for about a year now and can’t say enough great things about him. If your sales could use some help, be sure to reach out to him."
  • Al Hicks, Summit Planning Group "Tony did a great job and I feel that they received more training in these weeks than I did at any of the trainings that I had ever received. My employees really enjoyed the class. This course more than met my expectations...and we've seen direct impact because of it."
  • Tony Hellenbrand "I just closed my fourth major account this week. All four will be among my 10 largest clients. I've raised more assets in the last 48 hours than I did in my first 18 MONTHS as an advisor. My production this week is double my previous record QUARTER...and I still have meetings with two of my largest prospects over the next 24 hours. The "Up-Front Contract" and the Sandler Pain Funnel have changed my life. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. The Sandler System and YOU are the best investment I've ever made.A few months ago, before working with Sandler, I had a two day stretch of cold calling where I went ZERO for 400. I had pretty much written off cold-calling as an effective strategy! After your classes and working with you in private coaching, I wanted to test if the needle had moved for cold calling. Yesterday I blocked a whole day off for making cold calls. Ready for this? I booked an appointment or follow up call with 60% of the people that answered! SIXTY. If someone told me before working with you that Sandler could take me literally from zero to 60%, in a matter of weeks, I wouldn’t have believed them. Eric wouldn’t have believed it if he wasn’t watching me make the calls, tally on the whiteboard, and fill my calendar. It felt like I had magic powers. The best part is how honest this all is. "This is a cold call.” “Do you have 30 seconds?” “I’m guessing you don’t want to talk for another minute or two about any of that…” “What do you want me to do, now?” “Should I hang up?” Tony's coaching saves me 7 hours per week, has reduced the length of time of our sales cycle 90%, and raised our win ratio 20%. I only regret not meeting him sooner! The Sandler System and your coaching have changed my business and because of that, my life, forever. Thank you."
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