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Our Sandler | Sacramento Team

  • Dale Bierce

    With nearly 40 years of direct selling experience, Dale has spent 16 years as a trainer and business consultant specializing in management, sales, sales leadership, and customer success, throughout the United States. He conducts weekly Sales Essentials training sessions, advanced Sales Mastery sessions, and management training sessions. Through coaching, Dale helps clients apply the concepts and techniques learned in training to their own experiences. By practicing and repeating these skills, clients consistently and predictably improve their performance and results over time.

    Dale’s goal is to help clients achieve ten times his fees in net new sales and maintain that elevated level of performance long after their business relationship has ended. This transformation doesn’t happen overnight. If you’re looking for a two-day workshop or a series of seminars, Dale will provide a learning experience your team will rave about for weeks. Just don’t expect lasting performance improvement in sales or leadership with a short-term training event, no matter how good. Real and lasting behavior change that leads to measurable gains requires more time and a willingness to embrace discomfort. Growth doesn't happen in a state of comfort; that's not how humans are wired. Ongoing live, instructor led training combined with real-time, real-world coaching can create lasting results and done well, should provide a solid return on the invested training dollars.

    A significant portion of Dale’s client time is spent in a consulting role, helping them create or refine the Structure, Strategy, Staff, and Skills necessary to achieve their business goals. Comp plans, territory analysis, sales structure analysis all are part of reaching peak sales performance.

    If you’re not satisfied with your current level of sales or management performance, a conversation with Dale might be beneficial. (Hint: sales issues are almost always management issues at their core.) Feel free to reach out to him directly at 916-307-7979 or via email at The initial consultation is always without cost, without sales pitch, without strings.