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Sandler concepts for your website


In Sandler, we teach salespeople a lot about psychology and communication. It's all about getting past the other person's preconceptions, not sounding like everyone else, and having a real conversation.

So it shouldn't be a surprise that you can apply many concepts we teach in Sandler to your website to cut through the noise.

Have you considered any of these concepts for your website?

Pain statements

Use pain words and pain statements throughout your website. Your services and products need to appeal to the pain your prospect is experiencing. While sales conversations are where you get in-depth on pain, your website should talk about the surface-level pains you frequently hear prospects bring up.

Appealing to DISC styles

Make it easy for D's to take quick action on your website by giving them a call to action (or clear next step) toward the top of the page. Give I's something with photos of your staff, and maybe of clients as well, if appropriate. S's love to see testimonials and the number of years you've worked with people or been in business. C's love to click that link that says, "Read more details," so be sure you have plenty of details on the page it links to!

Make people feel OK before they meet you

Who are your prospects and clients likely to interface with? Make sure you have pictures, bios, and contact information for those people on your website. The tone of the writing on your website should appropriately reflect the company culture of your organization.


Finally, consider a "Why not us?" page. On that page, share major red flags your sales team runs into regularly, so people will know when you're not going to be a good fit for them.

Are you using any of these concepts on your website? If so, we'd love to hear about it.

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