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How to reach S's with your marketing


In a past article, we shared some ways you can appeal to D's with your marketing tactics. D's are people who tend toward a certain behavioral style within DISC. This month, we'll discuss some ways you can reach people with the S behavioral style with your marketing.

Ideally, you want to have some pieces of your marketing that appeal to each DISC style. If you don't have any of the elements below in your marketing, you may want to add some in to make sure you're reaching all possible prospects.

People with primarily an S behavioral style tend to be careful and calm. They don't like to feel rushed when they're making decisions. They are sincere and trustworthy, and want to know they can trust you before doing in business with you.

Avoid surprises

To build trust with S's, help them know what to expect from you. This might look like having a money-back guarantee clearly noted on your website. You could offer a portfolio of past projects, either online or in print. Include clear next steps in your brochures, website, and email newsletters.

Let them get to know you

Trust is particularly important to S's. To build trust, let them get to know you and your team. Online marketing is an effective way for people to "get to know you" before they meet you, and that makes S's more comfortable.

You could include staff bios on a staff page of your website, or share videos on social media that feature you or other team members.

Share reviews

S's will want to read testimonials and reviews from other people who have used your services. When possible, use the real names and even pictures of the people who are providing testimonials for you—if someone that an S knows, likes, and trusts has had a positive experience with your business, that will make them more likely to do business with you.

It's important to remember that S's don't want to feel rushed into making a decision. Offer them several reasons to trust you through your marketing, and you'll be well on your way to marketing effectively to all DISC styles.