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Appealing to D's in your marketing


In your marketing, as in prospecting, you have to be able to appeal to a variety of different people. Using DISC as a filter can be a helpful way to ensure your marketing materials are going to attract a wide range of people.

Right now, we're going to focus specifically on appealing to D's in your marketing.

Feel free to skip this if you know you're a D and you don't need a refresher. But if you do, D's tend to be decisive and competitive. They like direct communication and are strong-willed and independent. They are task-oriented and like to get right to the point in a conversation.

Appealing to D's in your marketing

When appealing to D's, your main goal should be to make your material easy to scan. You want to separate your text with headlines, bullet points, or numbered lists. Use bold text to indicate a new section.

Make it easy to skim

Keep your text brief and to-the-point. If that's not possible, include a short summary at the very top of the flyer, white paper, or other materials.

Use rack cards instead of a brochure, or make sure your most important information is at the front of the brochure.

Focus on very few key pain points rather than listing all your products and services.

Avoid information overload

Don't include unnecessary text. Having plenty of white space helps your D prospects skim your materials.

Keep your details elsewhere. You probably don't only want to appeal to D's, so it's a good idea to have details somewhere people can find them (like in a whitepaper or on a service-specific web page).

Keep your paragraphs short and put important information at the top of your flyers, emails, web pages, and other materials.

Of course, everyone who comes across your marketing material isn't going to be a D-Style. Ideally, you'll have something that will appeal to every DISC style in your marketing materials.

We'll share what you need to know to appeal to C's, S's, and I's, too, in the future.

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