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Unraveling Deal Slippage: How to Keep Opportunities from Slipping Away!


Deal slippage—what's it all about?

Picture this: You've got a promising deal in your sales pipeline, everyone's on board, and you're geared up for a timely close. But, as the expected closing date approaches, it gets nudged further and further away, like a mirage in the desert.

This phenomenon is known as deal slippage, and it can be a tricky slope for sales teams. Essentially, deal slippage occurs when a deal doesn't wrap up as anticipated and ends up postponed into the next quarter, month, or the next available sales period.

But here's the twist – deal slippage doesn't necessarily mean the deal is lost. It can stem from various scenarios. Perhaps the buyer is still interested, or maybe the sales rep was a tad too optimistic about the prospect's readiness to seal the deal.

So, the real question is: How can you avoid these never-ending deals that keep slipping through the cracks and into the future?

Contact us to uncover strategies to help you get a grip on deal slippage and ensure that opportunities don't fade into oblivion.

Chris Kelly

Chris Kelly

Chris assists evolutionary minded business owners, corporations, and passionate individuals to realize superior levels of performance in the areas of sales, sales management, and business development.