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Boosting Sales with AI-Powered Personalized Messaging


In today’s world countless distractions are pulling your potential clients every which way. Personalized messaging is an effective way to cut through the noise and grab a potential client’s attention. AI can help achieve this through analysis of information, the construction of a client profile, and then write personalized messages to be used by a sales rep. Through effective, specific, tailoring of messages you will be able to grab a client’s attention and properly convey your message to them despite everything going on around them.

AI tools can do far more than just personalized messaging. By analyzing a large amount of data such as demographics and interests the AI can make a prediction of the best communication channel and best time to reach out to the client to increase the chance of being seen and interacted with. By leveraging this a sales rep can increase engagement and increase the chance of conversion and creation of a relationship with the customer.

AI also uses a feature called machine learning. This allows the AI to learn and adapt from feedback it is given. As it is fed more data and experiences it becomes more effective at fulfilling its role. This will allow sales rep to create more effective personalized messaging as time goes on and to reach out to a client at the perfect time to maximize engagement opportunities.

Jeff Borovitz

Jeff Borovitz

Jeff Borovitz is known for triple-digit revenue and profit increases, with 28 years of experience as an award-winning quota busting salesperson, sales manager, general manager and business owner. Connect with Jeff: