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Avoiding the Summer Sales Slump


To overcome the summer sales slump and take advantage of the slower market this brings you should consider using these strategies:

Use LinkedIn for referral opportunities: Use LinkedIn to connect with potential clients who fit your target audience. Reach out to your current clients for referrals to new prospects. Referrals from trusted contacts hold more weight and increase the chances of success. These prospects often move more quickly through the sales funnel and have higher closing rates.

Apply the ‘Monkey's Paw’ Method: Employ the Monkey's Paw method, which involves securing a small sale initially and then upselling to a larger engagement after showing your product’s usefulness. This tactic works well during the summer slump when clients may not be ready to use their entire budget. By establishing a relationship and proving the value of your product or service, you leave the door open for future contract negotiations.

Participate in sales contests: Participate in company-wide sales contests during the slow summer period to stay motivated and focused. These contests align corporate goals with personal goals, making the work more meaningful to you. Track your progress and compare yourself to other salespeople, fostering healthy competition and encouraging different approaches.

Be ready to close the file: When following up with potential customers who are indecisive or unclear, be prepared to accept a "No" without false hope. Give them the opportunity to decline without feeling guilty. Closing the file on these prospects prevents the "Maybe" column from becoming overwhelming. If they genuinely have interest, they will reach out to clarify the situation.

Set clear personal goals: Define specific, measurable goals rather than vague statements. Determine the amount you aim to sell and align it with financial goals, such as reaching the next level of sales commission. This allows you to create a behavioral plan of action, breaking down how much you need to sell weekly or monthly to achieve your yearly goals. Avoid accepting the summer slump as inevitable by visualizing how it affects your commission goals.

Set clear next steps in the sales process: Understand where you are in the sales funnel at all times and what it takes to move closer to the sale. Create a checklist of talking points before reaching out to prospects to ensure productive conversations.

Remember by implementing these strategies and maintaining a proactive mindset, you can overcome the summer sales slump and revitalize your sales efforts. Take advantage of the slower period to build relationships, seek referrals, and set yourself up for success.

Jeff Borovitz

Jeff Borovitz

Jeff Borovitz is known for triple-digit revenue and profit increases, with 28 years of experience as an award-winning quota busting salesperson, sales manager, general manager and business owner. Connect with Jeff: