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Post Sell Everything


Well folks, it happened again, as much as I really did post sell a new client (and I did) two days later he came back and backed out of our deal. Wow! Does post sell work? Yes, it does, but through lessons learned we get better, smarter and work on other obstacles that get in our way. What did I learn? There was no financial commitment. I left that open as this potential client needed to check in with the home office to see if there was enough money in the training account. Oh yes, we spoke about this issue, yet what was lacking was the personal commitment and conviction do do it now. Where was the problem? Me, and it always is, but we understand that we keep our I-10ness and work on our role (our skill to get better).

So what if I could reverse the table of time? What would I do differently? I would say, Mr. prospect, I appreciate us moving forward and your commitment to do so, and want to confirm this is what you want to do (get response)? I know that you need to check with corporate about the funds but here's what I need in the interim, please give me your credit card to hold until you check and I will not process until I hear back from you (get the date)? Are you OK with this (work response). Before we go, even if the funds are not there we are a go, is that correct (work, nurture the response).

So in post sell, we need to be experts with the following three techniques:

  1. Make sure you take care of buyer's remorse or going with incumbent, or the competitor, or staying with how they historically do things.
  2. List the top three future expectations with what needs to be discussed/agreed upon for the transition to start and continue smoothly
  3. How to keep yourself in the account forever and protect from competitors. And how to get great introductions when servicing the client well.

By the way, please pass this on to someone else who could gain from this great Sandler method. Thanks for reading and good selling!

Jim Dunn

Jim Dunn

Jim Dunn has been a regional franchise owner of Sandler Training since 1992. Dunn Enterprises' Mission is to help people and companies realize their full potential and to train and coach business professionals who believe in growth achieved through on-going reinforcement.