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President's Club Sound Byte:- PQL - Prospect Qualification Checklist


Do you have something that you use and when doing so it works 100% of the time? If you had it would you use it? Well you have such an instrument; the Prospect Qualification Checklist, or PQL- a 10 step process of using the Sandler methodology and getting a pre-determined outcome. Use it and you’ll see a 75% closing ratio. Don’t use it and well you know that too; you’ll go back to that 15-35% closing ratio that 90% of sales people experience.

So, how does your 30 second commercial work? What’s your success rate of converting phone conversations to 1st appointments? Before I meet do I send out an email confirming time duration, purpose, agendas and outcomes? When I’m on the 1st meeting do I set an upfront contract and get mutual agreement? What kind of a job am I doing at working pain and the pain funnel? Do I learn not only the problems, but the reasons for the problem and quantify the pain? Is there a commitment to change?

Let’s talk about money; is there a budget, a financial ability and a willingness to invest to take care of these issues?

Lastly, let’s wrap up with a great decision process; who, what, where, when, how and why? How can we forget to get #10? What do I say to my prospect to have a firm, explicitly defined, and mutually agreed to understanding after they see my proposal (demo- presentation)?

Use this checklist and get affirmations on all these points. That’s real selling! Anything else is working too hard with long selling cycles and “think it overs.” You pick! Which process would you rather work? Hint, the other way is easier, but it doesn’t pay real well. This way is more challenging, but in time will become easier and pay off in a bigger way. Keep refining, practicing and fine tuning the 10 steps and you’ll be going to the bank with larger checks.

Good selling,

Jim Dunn

Sandler Trainer

Jim Dunn

Jim Dunn

Jim Dunn has been a regional franchise owner of Sandler Training since 1992. Dunn Enterprises' Mission is to help people and companies realize their full potential and to train and coach business professionals who believe in growth achieved through on-going reinforcement.