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How to Combat "Ghosting" in Sales


"Ghosting" is a term that has found its way from the dating world into the professional realm, particularly in sales. It refers to the act of suddenly cutting off all communication without explanation. For salespeople, this can be incredibly frustrating and demotivating.

The Frustration of Being Ghosted

Salespeople often find themselves reaching out to prospects only to be met with silence. Whether it's a voicemail that goes unanswered or an email that seems to disappear into the void, the experience can be disheartening. The question then arises: How do you get more people to call you back?

Solution 1: Make It Okay to Say No

The first step in solving the ghosting problem is to make sure your prospects know that it's perfectly acceptable to say no. Salespeople should communicate that they have no ego in the game and that a "no" is a perfectly acceptable answer. This approach can eliminate some of the hesitancy prospects may feel about responding.

Solution 2: Understand Preferred Communication Channels

The second step is to figure out how your prospects prefer to be contacted. Is it through text, email, or a phone call? Once you know their preferred method of communication, use it. This increases the likelihood of getting a response.

Solution 3: Schedule a Follow-Up

Another effective strategy is to get a date on the calendar for a follow-up. If you manage to schedule a specific time for further discussion, the prospect is less likely to ghost you.

Solution 4: Be Persistent but Respectful

Lastly, let your prospects know that you are excellent at following up and that you are a persistent salesperson. Make it clear that if they are not interested, they should let you know. This way, you can also eliminate the chances of being ghosted.

Ghosting is a common problem in sales, but it's not insurmountable. By making it okay for prospects to say no, understanding their preferred communication channels, scheduling a follow-up, and being persistent, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of being ghosted.

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Chad Banman

Chad Banman

Chad is a certified Sandler Trainer and the owner of Sandler Training in Edmonton, Alberta.