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Practice Makes Perfect: The Importance of Consistent Training for Sales Professionals


During a recent round of golf with a skilled partner, I struggled through my short game.

I asked, "Any suggestions to get better at that?" My golf partner replied, "How often do you play or practice?" I let her know that I don't play as much as I would like, and I don't do much practice. "How's that working, taking into account that you're frustrated?" Her response stung a little.

As a sales professional, I understand the significance of consistent practice and training to improve my skills. I recently had a conversation with a business acquaintance who shared his struggles in the market. When I asked about his sales training and practice, he revealed that while he had attended some seminars and courses in the past, he had not been actively practicing and adapting his techniques to stay competitive.

The lesson here is clear, without consistent practice and training, we risk falling behind and losing our edge in any field. Whether it's golf or sales, repetition is key to improvement and success.

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Chad Banman

Chad Banman

Chad is a certified Sandler Trainer and the owner of Sandler Training in Edmonton, Alberta.