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Having Blind Spots In Your Business Can Skyrocket Revenue, Even if You're Already Highly Profitable


It’s okay to have blind spots. They are not your fault. If nobody ever taught you about them, how could you be faulted for having them?

Most of us are programmed from a young age not to make ourselves vulnerable. Those who taught us that meant well.
Success is not about making no mistakes; it’s about winning the battle of mistakes.

If your company is making a bunch of money, it becomes easy to get wrapped up in your ego and feel large and in charge. The blind spots, though, are going to be there whether or not you want to admit it.

Even if you only have one- or two-blind spots now, more will pop up as your company expands. More and more things get lost in “the confusion.” This confusion could result in millions of dollars in losses that you don’t even realize are taking place.

I watched a movie called The Blind Side the other night. It is about a well-off family who adopts a homeless young man named Michael Oher. With the right support, he went on to be a future hall-of-fame NFL Left Tackle.
The movie starts with a monologue from Sandra Bullock’s character, talking about a situation that changed football. A legendary quarterback named Joe Theisman needed five seconds to pass the ball to his intended receiver.

A defensive player named Lawrence Taylor tackled him in three seconds before completing the play. Taylor disfigured Theisman’s shoulder, he never played football again.
The angle Taylor tackled him from was, you guessed it, his blind spot. After this incident, the left-tackle (who is responsible for guarding the quarterback’s blind spot) became the second-highest-paid player on the average NFL team.
Nobody in Theisman’s organization even realized just how vulnerable his blindside made him. Look at the result.
“The first cheque is for the mortgage, the second is for the insurance,” is how Bullock’s character concludes the monologue.
Now, here’s the point you’re waiting on.
Every blind spot you or your business have is costing you money, even if you don’t realize it.
By discovering your blind spots and making yourself vulnerable, you can empower yourself and your whole company.
By admitting you have these blind spots, you allow yourself a chance to fix them. By improving your blind spots, it’s almost a guarantee that you will

  • Make more money.
  • Save money that you don’t even realize you spend unnecessarily.
  • Make your life and your employees’ lives easier

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Alex Hickey-Grant

Alex Hickey-Grant

Alex is Sandler Atlantic's new marketing intern/copywriter.