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5 Must-Have Metrics for Your Goal-Setting Journey


Embarking on the journey of goal-setting is like setting sail into uncharted waters. Yet, many find themselves navigating without a clear map, leaving their aspirations lost at sea.

Let's hoist the sails and explore the five essential metrics that will transform your ambitions into achievement.

  1. Charting Core Values: A Value Audit Just as a ship sets its course, commence your journey with a Value Audit. Your values are the guiding stars, unyielding standards from which you navigate. Identify three values that create a compass for both your personal and professional life. Just like sails catching the wind, ensure your values align harmoniously. For example, "Spend quality time with my family" and "Maximize income no matter what" are like winds blowing in opposite directions. Craft a value set consistent with your priorities, and let it steer your course.
  2. Personal Goals: Before Business Avoid the stormy seas of goal-setting by starting with personal goals. Aim for at least three personal goals. The biggest navigational error is setting sail with business goals as your compass. Begin with personal aspirations; envision your life five years later. Personal goals may be financial, family, social, health/fitness, and spiritual.
  3. Business Goals: Synchronized with Personal Goals Once your personal goals are secure, unfurl the sails of business goals that dance in harmony with the tides of personal aspirations. Align your professional goals with the magnetic pull of personal goals. Ensure each business goal supports the grand voyage of your life.
  4. Behavioral Plan: Craft a behavioral plan with activities that propel you towards your goals. Identify a fleet of activities. Schedule and log these activities.
  5. Accountability: Your Trusty First Mate! Choose an accountability partner, the co-captain of your goal-setting voyage. Schedule weekly discussions where deviations are acknowledged, and corrective actions are plotted

Remember, success is not a solo voyage; it's a collaborative odyssey with yourself as the captain.

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Clint Unrau

Clint Unrau

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